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Zeplin is a well-designed curriculum that feels lightweight but is really pretty robust. I'd say it's proper to call it the industry standard for delivering off designs to engineering. Here's a quick walkthrough.

What is Zeplin?

Zeplin is a collaboration device for UI designers and front-end developers to help teams with the design hand-off, allowing designers to upload their wireframe designs from Sketch and add them to project folders in Zeplin.

Why should anyone use Zeplin?

One should use Zeplin for the below reasons -

  1. Once you build mockups on the sketch, all you have to do is transport the artboards on Zeplin with the select a single button.
  2. Zeplin provides you to club added artboards into a group and arrange them according to your choice which will be repeated in every other user who is a member of the project.
  3. That being said, various users can run on a project and add comments or bookmark any particular mockup.
  4. It follows version control very effectively and updates mockups accordingly.

How to use Zeplin to automatically generate measures, styles, and assets?

  • Download Zeplin and create an account
    Go over to to build a Zeplin information and connect the Mac app. You get 1 project for free.
  • Start a new project in Zeplin
    Once you've established Zeplin on your Mac, keep your project type.
  • Choose your pixel density
    If you're running with the standard iPhone artboard in Sketch, you're running in 1x.
  • Export your artboard from Sketch to Zeplin
    With the artboard chosen, use the easy-to-remember shortcut to transport the artboard to Zeplin.
  • View your mockup in Zeplin
    In Zeplin you can agree on any element in your plan to get all of its features: position, spacing, color, text styles, etc. They even provide you with a nice "copy" button so you can simply take the exact copy you've written, eliminating any room for error in spelling.
  • Share the specs with your developer
    If you'd like to share a single screen, you can quickly grab a link from the right-hand panel when observing an original screen in Zeplin.

However, I'd suggest going back to the Project Dashboard view in Zeplin, where you can request the developer to the project using their email address.

Those are the basics of Zeplin, and frankly, there's not much difference to it, which is excellent. Try it as a free account and see if it improves your workflow. Zeplin also has a Slack combination that will suggest channels when innovative designs are combined or changed. I've found it to be a bit overkill, but if you're into that sort of thing, then go for it!

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