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How Can You Export Adobe XD Assets Or Artboards as JPEG?

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What is Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is a vector-placed UI and UX design tool and it can be used to design anything from smartwatch applications to full-fledged websites. Let’s take a glance at what it gives designers and why it’s become such a dominant tool in web design management.

What is Adobe XD used for?

What’s essential to retain is that Adobe XD addresses the two main problems Photoshop and other graphics applications couldn’t:

  1. Communication design isn’t static. A designer cannot give a fluid and dynamic design using pixels simply.
  2. A modern design method requires more than a polished completed article. Wireframing, iteration, and performance are all part of the collaborative arrangement with UI and UX design.

Adobe XD is a model for vector-based UI design, wireframing, interactive design, prototyping, and great-fidelity web design, for whole teams.

How can you export Adobe XD assets?

Start your Adobe XD file and choose the asset or the artboard you require to export. To select an artboard, select the artboard title.

You can also identify assets or artboards for exportation and then export them all in size. To mark assets for export, remove the Layers panel and press the Mark for Batch Export icon.

To transport a JPEG on macOS, select File > Export. On Windows, select the Hamburger menu, and select Export. There are 3 options to export:

  • Batch: Export assets that are identified using the Mark for Export option.
  • Selected: Export chosen assets.
  • All Artboards: To transport all the artboards in your design.

When you transport assets as JPEG, you can place the state level of the exported JPEG according to your requirements. Want any of the percentage benefits in the Quality drop-down list, navigate to the destination folder, and click Export.

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