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Case Study : E-Learning App Development

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Online learning is presented in excellent demand. With online learning, we can discover anywhere and anytime. It’s will provide several benefits for users in their education strategy. Also I myself am a user of online learning apps. The educational sector has witnessed a drastic transformation in its approach as more resources have been created open to make it successful. Among these resources, E-Learning apps have their worth in gold. E-Learning apps have come into movement over the last 4-5 years and since their coming, the overall system of education has changed forever. E-Learning has gathered recognition from parents and students from all over the world for the techniques of learning it brings alongside it.

The team has conducted small research and they found various user problems like:

  • Most o the users don’t like the UI.
  • The platform is complicated to use.
  • Hard to find the motivation to learn.


Based on the issues found by the research team, the purposes of this project are:

  • Designing the UI/UX of online learning mobile applications to be more user-friendly and able to increase the motivation of users to learn.

Benefits of E-Learning app:

Major benefits of E-Learning apps.

  • These apps offer better fulfillment rates and retention rates. They take pride in delivering the range in a concise way. In this way, learners can fast learn one course and jump onto the next one.

  • Lack of cooperation tends to hinder the rate of studies that a student does. However, one of the core ideas of these e-learning apps is to facilitate collaborative learning through online neighbourhoods within the app.

  • These apps make the education process rather flexible as they provide various opportunities for learning to the students in the form of podcasts, videos, and other fruitful methods.

  • One of the sites these apps extremely focus on is developing ways for higher engagement of students. They have performed remarkably on making the apps available for the students at any point in time and from any place.

  • Parents have also been made a part of this system as they are held in touch about their kid’s version in school or college. The report drafted by these apps for the parents consists of exam preparedness, use factor, time spent in learning.

Major categories of E-Learning app-based businesses

E-Learning business classes consist of three main kinds and we will discuss all these in detail.

E2C e-learning – Education to Consumers

In this kind, the customers typically are students who are examining to gain educational knowledge. Students of all kinds of organizations are it school, college or university have displayed a lot of interest in following their studies through e-learning mobile apps. Now, this preference for e-learning apps constructs a business option for app creators. But it is not a straightforward path and if you are feeling a bit perplexed then you can have a peek at some of the most exciting options for creating revenues in this category.

Online education courses

Internet today is full of different kinds of online courses and helps developers earn millions. They cooperate with famous universities and colleges to offer their online courses to as many students as feasible. They especially have helped thousands of students who desire to educate themselves but lack financial support. Their ingredients are the following

  • Audio and video lectures
  • Courses archives, blog, and forum
  • Availability of mobile version to access all the essential material
  • Integrated payment system to make the procedure of online payment more manageable
  • Online quizzes plus surrender of tasks to peer students for assessment

E2B E-Learning Apps– Education to Business

Any organization looking to incorporate a new training program into their business can turn to e-learning in order to keep them from tedious face-to-face or classroom learning. Efficiency and progress are two preferences for businesses in today’s world. In order to reach these businesses turn to e-learning which benefits them by saving their money, time, and energy. Let us have a peek at some of the advantages that make e-learning mobile apps such a great tool to use for businesses.

Advantages of E-Learning mobile apps for companies in corporate training:

  • Cost-Effective – An e-learning app lowers the money spent on a venue, study materials, and trip costs to the classroom.
  • Flexible and Convenient – e-learning apps allow anybody to understand and join classes virtually which causes it quite suitable for learners to participate.
  • Increase productivity & performance – Another e-learning app is that it lets the user learn anytime and anywhere which makes it easy to utilize their free time.
  • Easy entry to valuable information – Allows users to access well-written notes in pdf and video lessons with concerns in an interactive way. So, useful, easy to consume data at your fingertips.
  • Constructive feedback – Facility to give feedback to tutors and courses in realtime and real-time progress check of app users
  • High retention capacity – Interactive range, easy to use, and learning lessons drives the learning process fun which makes the students retain info efficiently and stay on the app longer

E2E – Education to Educators

E-Learning mobile apps have not only been for the growth of students but e-learning apps also take teachers under their care. It is true that e-learning has been confirmed to be hugely helpful for the students but that is not the whole picture. These e-learning apps have also allowed teachers to increase leaps and bounds.

Since there was a shift in the method of training with the disposal of physical classes and approval of virtual online classes, teachers needed little tweaks in their style of teaching. E-learning apps have come in a lot of handy in their pursuit of learning the new techniques of teaching.

Advantages of teaching via e-learning mobile apps include:

  • Assigning positions and tasks to students and keeping a way of their improvement in real-time.
  • Scheduling of class at any time according to their convenience.
  • More useful contact with students and their parents
  • Flexibility to get data at any point in time
  • Availability of push information about any important activity
  • Availability of e-learning applications for institutions

E-Learning business by E-Learning mobile app:

Mobile E-Learning is also comprehended as M-learning and is a new way of accessing range using mobile devices. It permits you to understand from any place and any moment with the use of a mobile device and internet connection.

According to analysis more and more people in the present scenario are accessing the internet via their smartphones. No suspicion, laptops, and computers are still popular but nowadays people use different gadgets to perform various activities at a single moment of time.

Students have entry to smartphones and through these smartphones, they use mobile learning. Students are bringing up different courses from different e-learning apps in charge to organize themselves for the future. Apart from bringing up courses, students are using mobile learning to make for various entrance and government exams. Incorporate sector too mobile application for e-learning provides a portal to get out to workers that use to travel a lot, operate remotely and who are willing to act the training regime after their working hours.

In-App chat use cases for E-Learning app:

  • Personalized online tutoring
  • Virtual classrooms for real-time communication
  • Webinars and training session
  • Interactive group chats
  • Feedback and reviews
  • File and screen sharing
  • Collaborative whiteboards

Delivery Methods for e-Learning Apps:

Synchronous Learning

Synchronous e-learning programmers are one that takes place in real-time. Synchronous communication needs two people to be performed with each other at a particular time. Examples of synchronous e-learning are chatting and Instant Messaging, live webcasting, video and audio conferences etc

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous programmes are free of time. An example of asynchronous learning is a self-paced course as online learning can be acted at any given place or time. Prime Asynchronous tools include e-mail or discussion forums. In these cases, students finish the course at their own pace with the help of a learning program like LMS.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning is a various approach to the above-mentioned ones and targets delivering courses by including face-to-face classroom instruction with online performance. This kind of learning reduces the overall amount of seating time. Hybrid learning makes students engage in collaborative experiences that will make them well in the future. Hybrid education takes satisfaction in striking a balance between face-to-face and online aspects.

Why one should fund an e-Learning mobile app?

E-learning applications stand at third in terms of most installed apps on mobile with a current rate of 8.47%. Another set indicates that the overall market of m-learning applications was worth of total $165.36 billion in 2016 but going by the indefinite growth of this market it is expected to cross $243 billion by the year 2022 at a pace of 5.08% CAGR. This virtual classroom method is expected to reach a CAGR of 11% in the coronavirus pandemic period.

Monetization Opportunities in e-Learning Apps

In-app advertisements

In-app promotions have been a monetization strategy for mobile publishers. Here the E-learning app businesses get paid for promoting a specific college, academic institute, or its benefits. Apps are a key driver of portable usage and along with that they also drive global media consumption. All of this in favour makes in-app advertising an appealing transaction channel for the E-learning mobile app businesses. Acquired data tracking and user tracking make a good in-app environment that allows promotions to reach customers with high accuracy.

Featured listing

E-learning apps receive grants from colleges and educational institutions in return for the courses they deliver to that app. However, these academic institutions provide another source of income to these apps through the featured listings. All the courses inside an application are not made by the app owners therefore they have the educational institutional courses completed by top educators. When a student inquiry for courses on a particular subject, the courses of these institutions seem right at the top of the search bar. This occurs because the colleges and institutions pay an extra amount to these e-learning apps to construct their courses occur at the top of the courses list. This in turn improves the popularity level of a certain institution which proves to be a win-win situation for both parties.

Certifications and Selling Courses

E-learning apps contain courses in numerous fields and because of this variety in courses, they are able to attract students curious about different subjects and fields. Now, the process of earning revenue from this begins when they deliver learning and certification to a student in business for an enrolment fee. The student after delivering up the fees gains entry to a certificate course of a specific subject for a certain amount of time. After achieving this certification course, the student is offered a certification that opens up a gate of new possibilities for the student like applying for a job of his liking.

These e-learning apps also provide videos of certain courses on their platforms but they don’t offer the basics of a subject in those videos and these in-depth basics of a certain course are shown in their premium courses for which they set the students. E-learning apps these days are using online courses as a wonderful way of monetizing their channels. Websites and apps cause a great amount of income within a day of establishing an online course. Different advantages that this type of monetization method involves are financial strength, growth of client base through student enrolments, connection with course creator community.

eCommerce integration

This method of monetization has become quite effective in recent days where the e-learning apps have involved retail setups in their style of doing business. All the stationery items and several other products related to teaching can be bought through their website. Items like pens, registers, pencils, files, folders are made known to the students through an online store. Books on different subjects in which the students are curious are also up for sale via the websites of these e-learning platforms.

Top E-learning Mobile Apps:


Using this application, students can take a virtual trip to Mcgill and MIT. One can use the Edx application to attend a higher source of education that will make him in his course for the future. This application able students even earn a degree for themselves by taking part in lectures, tests and personal timing given by the application. The downside regarding this app is that some courses charge pretty high prices.


Coursera is an influential E-learning web portal that has collaborated with museums and so many universities in order to enroll free classes to students on a vast number of topics and for all age groups. Coursera has over 1000 courses in various subjects. A learner who is pursuing his learning through Coursera can finish the course, take a test, and by clearing it get the certification of his education.


Udemy is an e-learning application that runs beyond all the common subjects and offers classes related to subjects such as science & technology, yoga, cooking, drawing, marketing. It has over 32,000 online courses. This application is trendy among the learning section of the public because of its unique features and easy design.


Byju’s is a well-managed education startup that has put all its focus on making learning enjoyable for students. It has grown to a reputed education application in India on the back of its creative way of teaching. Byjus has pretty engaging video lessons on multiple topics that help in learning. The app contains all the mock tests and sample papers for classes 7-12 for all the board exams which helps the learners prepare for competitive exams.

Challenges in e-learning Mobile App development

Developing study material and documents to access

Creating the best study content be a great challenge for app developers. The success of an e-learning mobile application depends very much on the study material. Apart from the online live classes, learners want notes and documents for revision. Generating this material is paramount if you need your students to stay on the application and continue with what you are providing.

Video content development

Creating an online video takes a lot of effort behind the scenes. The same is the case with e-learning videos. Making a video with an educator teaching an exact subject is not the final or first step, there are other directions associated with it like editing the shooted video to make it worth watching without any useless content, mixing other major things such as sound, proper light effects, framework and more.

Tutor training programs development

The teachers who are opted to teach the students on the e-learning platform require to be taught the insights that are needed for taking a class online. The programs for teachers require to have stuff on multiple subjects from which the teacher can learn and broaden his overall understandings of a particular subject. Addition of multiple courses such as video courses, online teaching programs that facilitate classes through video conferencing, text chat messages, etc.

Server load balance for hassle-free streaming

Load balancing is the efficient distribution of network for application traffic across various servers in a server farm. There require a load balancer among the user devices and backend servers which will get and then give requests to any server that is able of completing them. This process is important as the live classes require to be shot before any interference otherwise the complete flow of studies will be interrupted.

General Features in an e-learning mobile app

Student Panel Features

  • Social Signup/Login
  • Browse via multiple subscription plans
  • Payment for courses and e-learning plan
  • Pick and view subjects
  • Post questions
  • Find and filter through online teachers
  • Select teachers.
  • Subscribe for the test series.
  • Consult with a mentor through live chat, video call.
  • Rate and review courses.

Teacher Panel Features

  • Registration
  • Manage detailed profile
  • Manage profile settings
  • Push messages for learner interaction
  • Schedule live classes
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Sort and answer doubts posted by students
  • Interact with learners through text, audio or video

Parents/Guardian Panel

  • Registration by email
  • Track learners performance
  • Track progress
  • Consult with mentors through chat
  • Check assignments and test results
  • Enroll subscription
  • Push notifications by mentors and Admins
  • Track attendance of learners
  • Check student leaderboard

Admin Panel Features

  • Manage mentors and students
  • Manage multiple subjects and courses
  • Learners details system management
  • Manage plan prices
  • Manage content
  • View reports for user engagement

Advanced features to add in e-learning mobile application

AI (Voice Command)

The availability of the Voice command simplifies the process of using the e-learning application for visually challenged students. AI can help a learner select a course via voice commands installed in the system.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics perform as a measuring stick for application actions and user behaviour with the application. Through this feature, one can eligibly track mobile learning assignments, learner progress, course completion, assessment score, and more.

Role-based dashboard

These dashboards help in measuring the overall actions of the application. This overview of the working of the app aids in finding out any deficiency in the app and working on improving the quality and productivity of the app.

Multiple languages support

Integrating an e-learning app with various languages can be more significant in the success of the application as the option of different languages makes users from all over the world be part of the application.

CMS Integration

CMS stands for a content management system and as we can know by its name, its work is to manage the content of the application. CMS plays a key in the application as it stores constant tabs on the content of the portal.

Discussion board

This program in the app makes increasing the interaction among the app customers. With the help of discussion forums, the app customers can simply produce a new topic or include a comment under the topic.


Making the competition among the learners is a large way of motivating them and leaderboards are integrated into the application to do just that.

Chat room+Video steaming

This option makes the students ask their teacher a doubt about a topic through a text in the chat room even in the middle of the class. The mentor can stop proceeding further to pay attention to the doubt of the learner and only moves on after providing the student with the solution for his problem.

Video lesson streaming

E-learning applications are initially in attention as they give free video lessons for the learners. Through the e-learning apps, the students can stream a live video lesson to gain perfect knowledge on the topic they are looking to master.

Team structure for e-learning mobile app development

  • Project Manager
  • Android/ios Developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • QA Testers
  • Delivery Manager

Cost of developing an e-learning mobile application

The cost of developing an e-learning mobile application depends on three factors:

  • The complexity of the app
  • Number of platforms
  • App development region


COVID-19 has really changed the world used to operate. New norms published by governments across the globe are strictly social distancing which provides e-learning with a hot prospect for current and future times. E-learning has already become popular and modernized but during this pandemic, it has become the main point of education. If you were looking to make an app that targets e-learning then these times are a great opportunity to kick start their ride. So, hire a reputed mobile app development company that could help you build an amazing application.

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