"Tools and frameworks used to design, develop, build, test and distribute software or application. Following are the tools we use to make solutions. We always update our tools and technologies for the latest needs and changes "

Windows Technologies

C# Windows Forms, WPF MVVM ,XMAL, Visual C++,Managed C++, VB, Vb.net , Java, COM, Direct X , Direct Show , Open CV, Open MAX, Open MP,Open Tok, Device Driver,File System Driver,SNMP ,WMI ,Telerik , Dev express, Syncfusion , Tasks, TaskCompletionSource, Catel

Windows Platform

Linux and MAC

Linux and MAC

C/C++,QT C++, Swift ,Python, Shell Scripts , Mono frame work,java

Data Bases - MSSQL Server, Mysql, Oracle, Azure tables, Mongo DB, Amazon RDS, Azure Blob . MS Access , etc

Code Quality tools

Stylecorp, Code style ,resharper,Fxcorp,PMD

Code version


Remote Build

Jenkins , TACO-CLI, CruiseControl.NET

Mobile Technologies

Android : Java, RXJava, Android studio, Loopj,Android SDK and more

IOS : Swift 3.0, Objective C , Object mapper Cocopods, Xcdoe 8

Windows 10 – C# ,XMAL ,Windows SDK ,Visual studio 2015

Hybrid Tools – Cordova Phonegap, Xamarain

Database : Sqlite

Mobile Frameworks

Web Technologies

We develop web applications in Windows and Linux technologies as per the business needs. We have specialized teams for windows .Net technologies and Linux LAMP stack and Java Technologies

Design Technologies

  Java Frame works


  Code version

Git,SVN ,TFS etc

  Code analysis and quality

StyleCop,Code style,resharper,Fxcorp,PMD

  Web Application UI design

Html5,Css3,Jquery,Bootstrap Latest,RactiveJS,D3.js,Three.js,Angular Js,DevExpress,Syncfusion,Telerik etc are few of them

  Windows Platfrom

ASP.net C#,ASP.net MVC5,MVC6,Signal R,MVC Razor C#,Silverlight,AJAX,JavaScript,Entity Frame work ,Dependency injection Auto Fac with Design First or Code First approaches,Socket.io, Node.js,Tasks,TaskCompletionSource,Caliburn.Micro,

   Linux Technologies

PHP,CodeIgnitor,Laravel,YII,Cakephp,Zend Framework

  Remote Build

Jenkins , TACO-CLI, CruiseControl.NET

AI Technologies

Since 2008 Airo Global Software has offered time-tested and field-proven technology platforms for developing and deploying empirical modeling solutions based on neural networks to enable Artificial Intelligence. Whatever kind of problem you face - prediction, classification, or pattern recognition - Airo Global Software can help you find the answer. Contact us with your data analysis, classification, and forecasting requirements. We offer complete solutions which can be implemented in embedded systems, desktop applications, enterprise frameworks as well as cloud-based servers.

Today you can find Airo Global Software technology hard at work providing application solutions that span finance, marketing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, government, and academic enterprises around the globe.

Tools used

Big data and Hadoop , Opencv, Open MAX, EmguCV, RapidMiner (formerly known as YALE) WEKA , R-Programming, Orange,KNIME,NLTK ,Azure, IBM , Amazon, Google Cloud tools and Our proprietary solutions

AI Technologies

Deployment tools

All our windows applications come with auto-update feature so your users will not need to download and install every time and every new version.

We use

Install Shield,

Inno setup scripts


Windows deployment,

Shell script and packing and other tools as per requirement to make installers for various platforms. And make deployment package with all dependencies included to auto install from local or through a web installer

Testing tools

To maintain the high quality we use automated and manual testing . Some of automated testing tools we are using are given bellow

For unit testing we use : Microsoft Unit Test Framework, NUnit,junit, PHPUnit, Quickfor swift

API testing tools – Postman, Our own proprietary tools , fiddler , Wire Shark

• Functional: QTP, Winrunner, Selenium

• Performance: Open STA, Load Runner, JMeter

• Bug Tracking: Bugzilla, Quality Centre, Team Track, Trello,Jira

• Test Management: Quality Centre, Testopia

We always trying to deliver high quality applications with excellent user experience

Security and Vulnerability scan

We use following packages for security scans and ethical hacking, also we use our on internal proprietary applications

Security testing tools - kali-linux,katana,XSS exploit frame work ,

Deployment  tools