"Billions of Smartphone users, Billions of Apps downloads. Almost 90 billion Smartphone and tablet apps will be downloaded this year as per survey by a leading media group. As mobile adoption grows, businesses are imperative to move towards mobile enabled business. These are good indicators for increasing market reach and innovative use of mobile technology from a customer-facing perspective."


Airo Global Software mobility team were the key enablers for our client enterprises to have mobility enabled for their business. From initial service deployment, improvising, managing version to re-provisioning and improvement, Airo Global Software provides a lifecycle approach to the fast-changing mobility services landscape.

Airo Global Software relies on our focused Mobile Factory Core Process to help you manage your entire mobility portfolio. Our approach focuses on profound UI/UX experience to application quality and productivity while guarding against potential duplication or gaps.

Mobile Websites

Airo Global Software highly creative and experienced mobile website designers and developers help create feature rich mobile websites utilizing the HTML 5 technology and responsive tools like twitter bootstrap. Using industry accepted technology solutions built on a cost effectiveness platform provides multiple benefits to your business ideas leaving space to incorporate future enhancements. This helps businesses build web and mobile presence in a relatively short span of time.


Hybrid, Cross Platform Mobile Applications

Airo Global Software's skilled hybrid cross platform development team focuses on creating effective web applications, hosted inside a native-to-the-device application container model. This enables a native application user experience. It’s installed, launched and used like any native app, and can access device APIs (with some exceptions/hurdles) while being built on HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS.

Android based Mobile Applications

Airo Global Software's team of creative, passionate and specialist android app developers believe in delivering unmatched performance services to you.

We specialize in Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) Application development as well as custom application development for enterprise businesses. Our expert UI designing team and highly skilled Android development team, has several years of core application development experience for clients globally, creating exciting and innovative solutions for enhanced user experience. The teams are well-versed with mobile application development tools including

  Android Software Development kit (SDK)

  Android Studio

  Android Media API’s

  Location- based Service API’s

  Wi-Fi API’s

  Android Security Architecture


iPhone, iOS, iPad Targeted Applications

Airo Global Software’s is an expert factory for iOS and MAC development with profound focus on iOS, iPhone, and iPad application development for several years now. The iOS Mobile and Mac team are experts in ObjectiveC , Swift 3.0 , IOS 10 ,Cocopods and have won internal excellence award for consistently meeting Apple Guidelines.

Airo Global Software engages with small, medium and large enterprises requiring mobility solutions. The list of clients includes innovative startups looking to establish their presence in the mobile market to large corporates looking for cost effective solutions.

Windows 10 Phone Applications

Airo Global Software has a strong focus on Microsoft technologies and has an array skills and expertise in Windows Mobile 10 based platform. Airo Global Software leverages Microsoft design principles that helps create future looking apps with improved usability, scalability and flexibility. The platforms inherent capability of enhanced graphics make the applications feel impressively user friendly and highly responsive – New controls create fresh experience and existing controls work much faster. We include Custom App designs and controls to make app look excellent and make simple flow to make the app having great User experience

Airo GLobal Software Windows Engineering team, experienced in creating Windows 10 Store App with windows SDK and Mobile skills blended with our core Windows Azure team, can create amazing business applications, hosted securely in windows azure using WebAPI’s.

BlackBerry Applications

Airo Global Software is skilled in delivering extensive list of features which can be incorporated on Blackberry mobile phones.

  Black Berry CRM, Sales, Utility

  Black Berry client/server applications

  Black Berry push notification services (BES/BIS)

  Black Berry SMS, GPS apps

Tools used

Android : Java, RXJava, Android studio, Loopj,Android SDK and more

IOS : Swift 3.0, Objective C , Object mapper Cocopods

Windows 10 – C# ,XMAL ,Windows SDK

Hybrid Tools – Cordova Phonegap, Xamarain



Application Integration Is Safe In Our Hands , We integrate mobile apps to different platforms to flow the data from business to business

  Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  Systems Integration (SI)

  Payment Gateway Integration

  Cloud and Ecommerce  Integration

  Cross Platform Data Flow Integrations

  Application to Hardware Integration

   REST API / SOAP, Web Service Integration


At the moment, there appear to be many test framework solutions looking for problems, but that is to be expected as mobile app development and testing tools continue to be developed at a rapid pace. Every framework has its pros and cons, each of which should be weighted relative to the needs of the testing organization and the software products being delivered.

Although a cross-platform test framework probably makes the most sense in most cases, particular features of an iOS or Android-only test tool could make it a better choice. The most important criteria are to use tools that increase automation, have excellent support and appear to have staying power for the long haul.

We do manual and automated testing . Some of the tools used are :


 Appium for Android and iOS – Appium is an open source project for cross-platform test automation. Essentially, it is an HTTP server managing WebDriver sessions. It supports tests in any framework and in any language that can create an HTTP request. No app code needs to be modified for testing. Any test is suitable to run on either iOS or Android on real devices or emulators. It supports native, hybrid, and web apps.

 Calabash for Android and iOS – Maintained by Xamarin, Calabash consists of two open source libraries, one for iOS and another for Android, which automate testing for native or hybrid mobile apps. Used with Cucumber, test cases are written in natural language then translated to test scripts that run within the framework. It works well with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex and many other programming languages.

 MonkeyTalk for Android and iOS – Both testers and developers utilize this complete functional test platform for iOS and Android apps. It consists of three components: an IDE, an Agent and scripts. The IDE creates test scripts using record and playback. Agent is a test instrumentation library to which the app links. MonkeyTalk scripts use simple keyword syntax and Ant or Java execution engines. Tests can be data-driven from a spreadsheet using CVS format.

 Robotium for Android – Robotium is an open source library aimed solely at Android UI testing. It is used for automated black-box testing for web, native or hybrid mobile applications. Using it in conjunction with TestDroid Recorder, JavaScript test scripts are created as the tester traverses the UI of the mobile application under test. A free extension library called ExtSolo adds multi-path dragging, auto-scaling for different display resoultions and other abilities.

 Selendroid for Android – No app code modification is required to use Selendroid, which is essentially Selenium for Android apps. Selenium 2 and the WebDriver API are the basis for test code. The framework interacts with multiple devices or device emulators simultaneously. It even supports device hot-swapping. There is an inspection component for recording device UI state for test case creation.

 UIAutomator for Android – UIAutomator creates functional Android UI test cases. Scripts are written in JavaScript. UIAutomatorViewer is used to run and examine test results. Complex sets of user actions can be reproduced and it can access native device buttons too.

 UIAutomation for iOS – This is Apple’s test automation framework for iOS apps. JavaScript is used to operate the device UI. As a proprietary tool, it does not play well with other tools or methodologies such as CI. Nor does it support managing test cases and suites as other frameworks do.

 Frank for iOS – Frank is an iOS-only test framework combining Cucumber and JSON. A statically linked server inside the mobile app under test interprets JSON and uses UISpec for execution. Although it has the advantage of not requiring app code changes, it is difficult to run directly on devices. It is most suited for emulators and web-based apps.

 KIF for iOS – KIF stands for Keep It Functional. It is an open source framework developed for iOS mobile app UI testing. It utilizes the Accessibility APIs built into iOS in order to simulate real user interactions. Tests are written in Objective-C, which is already familiar to iOS developers, but not test teams. Apple’s switch to Swift makes its use of Objective-C a disadvantage going forward.

 iOS Driver for iOS – iOS Driver utilizes Selenium and the WebDriver API for testing iOS mobile apps. Its default is to run on emulators, where execution is faster and scalable. The current version works with devices, but actually executes more slowly in that case. No app source code requires modification and no additional apps are loaded on the device under test. iOS Driver is designed to run as a Selenium grid node, which improves test speed as it enables parallel GUI testing.

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Support & Maintenancee

Support & Maintenancee

We do application support, Maintenance as per requirement, and which include

  bug fix,

  Application lagging issues fix

 Memory leak and over resource utilizations

  Application Crash

  Application monitoring


 Update application as per requirement etc

  Code review and Application rewrite

  Frame work update

  UI Updating

  Publish to Play store

  Make Play store ready for deployment

  Create necessary UIs for play store and cover marketing points

To discuss more about this please mail us to [email protected] or click here to schedule a conference