Travel & Hospitality

Trust Airo Global Software to deliver consulting and solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all travel and hospitality companies face.

We provide Solutions and integrations for

  • Hotels and booking
  • Ticketing
  • Taxi Renting
  • Location introduction Applications

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Travel & Hospitality

Education & Health Care


The education industry is rapidly changing the way it’s using technology. With improved interoperability, accessibility and delivery of information services, the industry is embracing the inevitable transition to a digital future.

Powerful mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, are revolutionizing the education industry. These have become the need of the hour. They serve as the perfect tool for the new generation students. Compared to the laptops, mobile is cost-effective and more portable. All the schools and universities are in deep contemplation, and everybody is considering to adopt iPad and other powerful devices, to effectively impart education and share knowledge to their students. The number of students purchasing smart devices is increasing at an alarming rate.

The mobile education application overcomes some of the challenges faced by the universities. The printed content needs to be provided to the students in an effective manner. There is no effective medium to promote education there by, leveraging the student’s interest in games and visual media. There is also an urgent need to regulate the applications that the students can have on their mobile devices.

The education industry is rapidly changing the way it’s using technology. With improved interoperability, accessibility and delivery of information services, the industry is embracing the inevitable transition to a digital future.

Education & Health Care

Health Care

Airo Global Software uses its strong technical knowledge and domain expertise to help clients in the healthcare industry with application development, system integration and other custom software needs. Our areas of medical software development expertise cover insurance claims processing solutions, data collection and analysis tools, medical hardware integration, mobile and web based applications and more.

The healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation. Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of improving productivity, the overall quality of patient care and at the same time reduce the cost structure of their services. There is immense pressure to boost innovation with the overarching goal to improve the quality of all services rendered in an effective and efficient manner.

By aligning people and processes with best-in-breed technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations can use knowledge in new ways to deliver more efficient and affordable services. From independent physicians, physician groups to community hospitals; from healthcare providers to pharmaceutical companies; there is an abundance of opportunity to achieve these objectives using innovative technology to enhance performance and reduce costs. At Airo Global Software we combine our industry-leading expertise in consulting, technology and IT staffing to help our clients solve complex business problems. Our value-added solutions focus on improvement in three key areas: business process optimization, accelerating innovation with technology and building more efficient operations within the healthcare industry.

Retail & Manufacturing

Retail & Manufacturing


The success of retailing lies in providing the consumer with the right product – at the right time and at the right place. Achieving Clear understanding of customer needs, Well-run store operations, Seamless and efficient Supply Chain, Proper matching demand and supply to enable the maintenance of stocks at each location.

Airo Global Software has worked extensively on designing and developing retail and shopping applications with state of the art technology which has provided a competitive advantage for the customers.

In recent times, the retailers are observing a huge traffic, which is getting driven to their site through the mobile devices. There has been continuous improvements and innovations in the field of technology, for the purpose of meeting the increasing consumer demands. It has now become very convenient and easy for consumers to shop online and also, to review and provide feedback regarding the product purchased online. Thus, the implementing of mobile applications is becoming essential for retailers.


Our team of dedicated business consulting professionals ensures that manufacturing clients get the business results they expect from their technology investments and outsourcing programs.

we are helping manufacturing leaders build leading edge operations and supplier ecosystems.

 Logistics Solutions

 Connected Car Solution

 Field Services Management

 Customer Service Systems

Media & Entertainment

From on-demand media to digital distribution, media & entertainment leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.

Whether it's digital asset management, content management, or anti-piracy challenges, we are redefining the way media & entertainment companies benefit from global services.

Market realities continue to reshape the media and entertainment industry: Technology platforms are evolving rapidly, new business models are emerging, consumer viewing habits are changing and new competition is arising from multiple sectors. Airo Global Software helps media and entertainment companies adapt to the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities.

Media and Entertainment is a fast growing sector and the mobile solutions provided to you can enable you to grow your business in a similar faster way. Print and broadcast media companies feel the urgent need to build an effective mobile presence among the customers to ensure 100% customer retention and to increase customer acquisition.

Media & Entertainment

Insurance, Banking & Financial Services

Insurance, Banking

From growing market share to managing pressure on margins,

insurance leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.

  • Life, Annuity & Retirement Business Processing Services
  • Systems Integration & Maintenance for Insurance

Banking and Finance, one of the industries requiring high intellect, is growing faster than ever before. To cater to the demand of this challenging, interesting and vast sector, Airo Global Software has all the necessary infrastructure and expertise and proven expertise in banking application customization sector.

With the high end devices, high speed connectivity and mobile users, mobile financial applications are becoming popular too in their travel and holidays

Energy, Utilities & Automobile

Airo GLobal Software work with leading energy and utility companies. They comprise proven methodologies, frameworks and assets to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Energy Management
  • Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Business Improvement

For Auto mobile We have developed custom applications for companies and which was attached to motor vehicles for various purposes

Energy, Utilities & Automobile

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

From trade promotion management to increasing sales effectiveness, consumer goods leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.

Whether it's supply chain management or social media analytics, Airo GLobal Software is redefining the way consumer goods companies benefit from global services.

  • Trade Promotions Management
  • Marketing Services & Branding
  • Sales Effectiveness Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management