"Consumer technology expectations are rapidly infiltrating the enterprise landscape.Our applications development and maintenance solutions drive efficiency and effectiveness and help you build adaptable platforms for the new social, mobile enterprise."

Our major Desktop Application domains are




Chrome Book

UI and User Experience Engineering

We mix cutting edge thinking, practices and technologies with tried and tested approaches to give our clients an edge: exciting new customer experiences, powered by the latest technologies, created in the simplest way possible.

UI and User Experience

Development and Functional Engineering


Functional engineering represents a fundamental change in the software development “rules-of-the game.”

Our dedicated team of researchers, technology experts and domain expertise in Application development, led by our CTO, will help you make world's miracle Applications which leads to an invention for the world. We are highly experienced on applications development, integration, data security, Scalable applications on cloud. and we serves in this industry from long time back. so our tons of expertise will make everything happen in lightening speed .

Airo GLobal Software believes in providing value to each organization. We don’t just go ahead and recommend any platform to everyone. Our Application engineering consulting experts help you answer questions such as:

  Does my business require to be on the Cloud?

  What kind of Platform is suitable for me?

  Who should be the programming Language ?

  Can I enhance IT value through Cloud?

  How do I ensure ROI and future proof my IT investments?

  What governance models of application should I include?

  Which data base I have to use?

  What are my challenges?

  How long it will take to complete?

  How data security implement ?

  we need to add encryption ?

After our analysis we will make application architecture mockup for the entire application to wrap up entire complex flow in to a simple diagram

Tools and technologies used


Windows Platform we use the following technologies

C# Windows Forms, WPF MVVM ,XMAL, Visual C++,Managed C++, VB, Vb.net , Java, COM, Direct X , Direct Show , Open CV, Open MAX, Open MP,Open Tok, Device Driver,File System Driver,SNMP ,WMI ,Telerik , Dev express, Syncfusion , Tasks, TaskCompletionSource, Catel


For Linux and MAC

C/C++,QT C++, Swift ,Python, Shell Scripts , Mono frame work,java


Data Bases

MSSQL Server, Mysql, Oracle, Azure tables, Mongo DB, Amazon RDS, Azure Blob . MS Access , etc


Code Quality tools

Stylecorp, Code style ,resharper,Fxcorp,PMD


Code version



Remote Build

Jenkins , TACO-CLI, CruiseControl.NET

Solutions We provide for desktop Applications

  Process automation and Finance management Applications

  Process automation and Finance management Applications

  Windows apps, Universal apps [UWP] and Windows store app development

  Device level system applications

  Operating system internal applications

  Audio Video processing Applications

  Browser Plug-ins

  Visual studio plug-ins

  MS Office plug-ins like excel, word, outlook plug-ins

  Windows Service

  Security applications and antivirus development

  Photoshop and Adobe products plug-ins

  Device Drivers and Firmware development

  File System Drivers

  Network stack applications and SNMP Implementations

  Monitoring and Alert systems

  Multimedia Processing systems

  GUI for hardware systems

  Application Packing and installer creation using inn setup, install shield and other deployment tools

  Application auto update service

  Utility Application development

  Integration with third party applications

  Code Review and optimizations

  Bug fixing

  Trace application lagging ,security holes and memory leak tracking and fixing

  Implement parallel processing and multi threading to speed up process and maximum utilize available processor cores

  Algorithm implementations and Encryption implementations

  System profiling to identify bottlenecks and component tuning to bring out the best performance

  Migrating legacy software to latest OS platforms / frameworks

  Media streaming server / applications

  Game Development

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Integration and Data Flow Optimization

As we said above after we analysis we will make application flow diagram which will include the following

  Input data sources – Which include all sources which provide information and data to the application to do processing

  Result data consumers – we list out after all the process completion the consumers [ it might be a user or application ] who are using the resulted data from the application

  The standard of input and output to the system - The data flow standards include data format, encryption etc


Deployment and Testing



All our windows applications comes with auto update feature so your users will not need to download and install every time and every new version.

We use

  Install Shield,

  Inno setup scripts


  Windows deployment,

  Shell script and packing and other tools as per requirement to make installers for various platforms. And make deployment package with all dependencies included to auto install from local or through a web installer

Desktop App testing

We test Desktop Applications in different ways and different platforms specially created to test windows applications in different versions and platform type like 32 bit or 64 bit in the help of virtual box or ready to deploy cloud servers instances to find out the following things

User experience


Device process load

We achieve the above using the following ways

  Performance Testing Service

  Functional Testing Service

  Usability and Content Testing

  Security Testing

  Quality Assurance post release

Key Tools

For unit testing we use : Microsoft Unit Test Framework, NUnit,junit, PHPUnit, Quickfor swift API testing tools – Postman, Our own proprietary tools , fiddler , Wire Shark Security testing tools - kali-linux,katana,XSS exploit frame work ,

  Functional: QTP, Winrunner, Selenium

  Performance: Open STA, Load Runner, JMeter

  Bug Tracking: Bugzilla, Quality Centre, Team Track, Trello,Jira

  Test Management: Quality Centre, Testopia

We always trying to deliver high quality applications with excellent user experience

Support & Maintenance

We provide application support, Maintenance as per requirement, and which include

  bug fix,

  Application lagging issues fix

  Memory leak and over resource utilizations

  Application Crash

  Application monitoring


  Update application as per requirement etc

  Code review and Application rewrite

  Framework update

  UI update

To discuss more about this please mail us to [email protected] or click here to schedule a conference

Support & Maintenance