"Our consulting practice helps you evaluate and plan infrastructure technology. You gain tested methodologies and frameworks for assessing, designing and building a modern, more dynamic infrastructure that aligns with industry best practices. Benefit from our unique combination of onsite expertise and project management, offshore cost advantage, and high-quality virtual delivery."

Software Analysis

Extracting the requirements of a desired software product is the first task in creating it. While customers probably believe they know what the software is to do, it may require skill and experience in software engineering to recognize incomplete, ambiguous or contradictory requirements.

We have a Good team of analysts to ensure all your requirements are collected and analyzed

Analysis is highly required before we start development on it and it will help you to make the project success

Software analysis and design includes all activities, which help the transformation of requirement specification into implementation. Requirement specifications specify all functional and non-functional expectations from the software. These requirement specifications come in the shape of human readable and understandable documents, to which a computer has nothing to do.

Software analysis and design is the intermediate stage, which helps human-readable requirements to be transformed into actual code. We use some of the tools in all of the projects


Data flow diagram

Data flow diagram is graphical representation of flow of data in an information system. It is capable of depicting incoming data flow, outgoing data flow and stored data. The DFD does not mention anything about how data flows through the system.

There is a prominent difference between DFD and Flowchart. The flowchart depicts flow of control in program modules. DFDs depict flow of data in the system at various levels. DFD does not contain any control or branch elements.

Structure Charts

Structure chart is a chart derived from Data Flow Diagram. It represents the system in more detail than DFD. It breaks down the entire system into lowest functional modules, describes functions and sub-functions of each module of the system to a greater detail than DFD.

Data flow diagram

HIPO Diagram

HIPO diagram represents the hierarchy of modules in the software system. Analyst uses HIPO diagram in order to obtain high-level view of system functions. It decomposes functions into sub-functions in a hierarchical manner. It depicts the functions performed by system.

HIPO diagrams are good for documentation purpose. Their graphical representation makes it easier for designers and managers to get the pictorial idea of the system structure.

HIPO Diagram

Entity-Relationship model is a type of database model based on the notion of real world entities and relationship among them. We can map real world scenario onto ER database model. ER Model creates a set of entities with their attributes, a set of constraints and relation among them.

ER Model is best used for the conceptual design of database. ER Model can be represented as follows :


Resource Hire

Resource Hire

When you first start your business, your priority is to hire people who are integral to building the product and growing the company. If you are running a tech company, those people are engineers, product managers, marketers and maybe even sales people. If you’re running a consulting firm, you’re looking for the talented consultants that will service your clients. And so on. Every business has the departments that move the bottom line and grow the business.

At some point though, a business grows big enough that it needs people to take care of the “back office” operations of the company. At tech companies that person is famously the Office Manager, responsible for keeping the office humming, coordinating interviews, enrolling people in healthcare, sending offer letters and much more. The problem with that job is that it is incredibly multifaceted. It can be hard to find all those skills in one person and you might find yourself beefing up your “back office” with multiple people to get everything done.

We provide your required team to make your Application or Service developed or maintained on need basis in hourly or monthly Billing.

We provide the following Resources

   Experienced Developers Onsite or Off Site

   Marketing team

   Accounting and Payroll processing

   Management and HR

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Finance and Accounting Management



Many CFOs today are being asked to expand their responsibilities beyond traditional finance and become true business partners, influencing enterprise-wide strategy and providing insights that improve business performance and better manage risk.

Airo Global Software supports these goals with a full suite of Finance & Accounting services that extend well beyond transactional F&A BPO. We take a targeted, industry-centric approach, whether we are implementing global-delivery models, redesigning processes for dozens of business units, creating shared services centers, optimizing ongoing SOX programs, or redesigning cost-allocation models. We use international standards , and We have Good experts in SAAP, Quick Books , Tally , Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics etc


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Payroll Management

          Whether you want us to run a single HR process or manage the entire employee lifecycle, in one country or around the world, using a unified technology platform, or a diverse HCM landscape, we have a solution for you.

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Marketing and Advertising

For a brand to grow online, the first step would be to drive substantial leads to your website or mobile app. Having a user-friendly experience is a vital part of any successful business strategy, but generating quality traffic is imperative to have a strong conversion rate.

As a full-service digital agency, we create beautiful digital experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes. We provide a strategic approach to driving proficient traffic through various coordinated online marketing campaigns. We unify search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), targeted display advertising, email marketing, internet marketing, monitoring and testing PPC campaigns using Google AdWords, to get the right users to your website. Our intelligent social media campaigns interact with users with achievable targets that make your business grow.

Our digital marketing services are customized to drive quality traffic to your website & mobile app to generate qualified leads and profitable growth to your business.

We also do Game development for films, Film Star web portals , Manage Social networks for Celebrities , Advertisement and promotion through all Digital networks


Company Administrative services

Our expert business management team will help you in

   Business plan creation

   Auditing and finance management [ We have a team of Charted accountants in international Accounting to handle any requirement ]


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