Supported Softwares

You Can Install Any Software With Your Own License


Secure Desktop Access

You can access your systems and programs remotely through simple Desktop connection. No complex networking or IT knowledge needed

Virtual Development Center

You can make a virtual development center with high level infrastructure and systems and allow people to work from anywhere.

Monitor User Activities

Monitor your different systems in one place . We are using different enterprise level monitoring solutions.

Secure From Natural Disasters

Secure your environment from natural disasters , control everything from your home or a small office.Your data is 100% secure and each instance is not shared with anyone else.If you cancel subcription we delete all data and rebuild system from scratch.

Enables Work From Remote

Easy to allow your employees work from home or from a remote place.Codes and files can access from git,bitbucket.

Save Money

By paying a low monthly fee, you can save your money for buying high performance systems for your enterprise needs . double your profit and let your employees work with high class systems .


Increased system performance is a headache if you deal with physical Pcs . Our environment allows you to just increase RAM or processing power by just paying additional fee and month by month basis.

Fully Managed

We manage infrastructure, installation and configuration for you . So you can start without any IT or network knowledge.

24*7 Support

We support 24*7 through skype, hangout and email [email protected]

How It Works

Purchase a package
We will setup everything for you
Share login information to your staff
Connect to your Cloudapc via Remote desktop Client
Your environment
is Ready !

Pricing Plan



per user per month

Buy Now

5 Users package

Unlimited network traffic

24*7 Usage

4 GB RAM ( per instance )

4 Core Processor ( per instance )

50 GB storage ( per instance )

Linux GUI Operating system

1Gbps Speed



per user per month

Buy Now

25 Users package

Unlimited network traffic

24*7 Usage

8 GB RAM ( per instance )

8 Core Processor ( per instance )

50 GB SSD storage ( per instance )

Linux GUI Operating system

1Gbps Speed



Contact Us
Contact us for your custom Pricing [email protected]

Note :

  • For Windows system the price will change based version of windows Os you neeed. Please contact us !
  • Bring your own license is allowed
  • Pricing may change as per your unique requirements.
  • You cannot use this for hosting server, To buy Hosting server visit our cloud server plans.
  • For DEMO Please mail us [email protected]

Secure Remote PC