"Experience the Power of Leveraging Your Enterprise Systems’ on the Cloud Airo Global Software is a comprehensive Cloud Services provider that has been helping companies, of all sizes and across industries, recognize the power of Cloud computing"

Experience the Power of Leveraging Your Enterprise Systems’ on the Cloud

Airo Global Software is a comprehensive Cloud Services provider that has been helping companies, of all sizes and across industries, recognize the power of Cloud computing. With a focus on business first, We runs a Data Center [ Shiftspacecloud.com ] Services to our customers which helps to provide all possible solutions from one place .We uses a solution-based approach to ensure that we help you build a cloud strategy which works for your business today and tomorrow as your business evolves.

We help you to

  Ensure a seamless and phased transition to the Cloud

  Ensure you adopt Cloud strategies that work for your business

  Enhance, optimize and automate your business operations & processes

  Increase your competitive edge

  Help you to reduce the cost and Service and maintenance charges

thus enabling you to focus on what you do the best...run your core business. Let Airo Global Software help you understand how Cloud can work for you!

Airo Global CLOUD STRATEGY & Shift Space Cloud Data Center

Our dedicated team of researchers, technology experts and domain expertise in cloud practice, led by our CTO, will help you leverage your enterprise on the cloud. We are highly experienced on cloud servers and applications, data security and we serves in this industry from long time back. so our tons of expertise will make everything happen in lightening speed .

Cloud Consulting & Assessment

Airo GLobal Software believes in providing value to each organization. We don’t just go ahead and recommend Cloud to everyone. Our Data Center consulting experts help you answer questions such as:

  Does my business require to be on the Cloud?

  What kind of Cloud is suitable for me?

  Who should be our Cloud provider?

  Can I enhance IT value through Cloud?

  How do I ensure ROI and future proof my IT investments?

  What governance models of Cloud should I include?

  How can I monetize my applications using Cloud?

  How can i improve security on cloud ?

  Is my data safe ?

  How can i reduce cost

  Is it is scalable

When you use Airo GLobal Software you are able to evaluate your readiness to move to the Cloud and determine a business case and ROI for Cloud Services.


Network planning

Network planning and design is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, We Plan how data should flows from application to application, Application to end user and application to storage. We deliver a fully integrated eco system in the cloud with

    Streamlined Processes

    Improving Accessibility

    Reducing Capital Cost

   Providing high Availability

   Seamless Scalability

   Superior Performance

Network planning

All the above benefits are obtained, with minimal changes to your existing ecosystem.

Strategy & Migration

Strategy & Migration

 Enterprise Ecosystem Evaluation

  Infrastructure Readiness

 Security Compliance

 Cost feasibility

  Solution– Re-architecture to fit into Cloud Infrastructure

  Porting Existing Applications from Data Center onto the Cloud

 Leverage PaaS and Saas features to reduce the amount of effort in building the application

 Remote Monitoring

 Enterprise Data Backups & Restoration

  Virtualization Services

Understanding your Business Requirements & Goals

 Consulting & Plan Creation

 Craft Strategy

  Platform Recommendation

 Technical Feasibility check


  Doing complete load test, Security and Penetration test and vulnerability Audit to ensure application is secure

 Network Monitoring

  User Support

 IT Help/Service Desk>

Platform Engineering

Airo Global Software expertise and a hands-on approach for delivering Cloud solutions ensures:

Reduced overheads on your infrastructure

Quicker delivery with ‘commercial’ Cloud software

Faster response to your business needs with a simplified and agile / Scrum IT

Faster scalability to enchance on market opportunities faster

Single point of accountability to create, transform and manage your cloud scalable environment

Platform Engineering

 Application UI Design

  Application Development

 AWS, Azure, IBM, Google Platfroms

 Solution Architecture Implementation

  API & Third-party System Integration

  Service Enablement (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, BaaS)






  Security Vulnerability Scanning

  Seamless Deployment of applications on the cloud platform

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

The versatile and heterogeneous nature of enterprise applications leads to information silos and discontinuity in business operations. For operational efficiencies and smoother business operations, organizations need to have a secure and seamless data flow through various business processes. Airo Global Cloud integration services helps you to:

Integration between multiple SaaS-based and other cloud systems

Integration between Cloud and On-Premise Platforms

Technical capabilities – Mulesoft and Azure Biztalk Services,Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365),Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365)

Cloud testing – Applications and Integration

Connect various applications and help strengthen business processes

Reduce costs associated with integration and/or migration of data

Deliver on applications’ performance, thus enhance business operations

Integrate IBM Waston,Zapier,Google Cloud,Bing Apis etc

Data Engineering

        We have a dedicated team of experts, with robust knowledge, to help manage your databases including SQL and NoSQL, on cloud platforms.

Data Engineering

DevOps & BigData

DevOps & BigData

  Application & System Monitoring

   Issue Resolution and L1 support for the critical issues on the application

   Periodic upgrade of applications and systems with new software releases

   On-going Maintenance and 24X7 Customer support

  Resource Training

   App Development

  Tools Usage

   System Maintenance

Cloud Management Services

Airo Global Software Cloud managed services help you gain business efficiency, better productivity and stronger integration of applications across the enterprise. Airo Global Software helps define, deploy, migrate and support an assortment of Cloud Services across multiple cloud providers and platforms.

Airo Global Software has our own processes and people to help you migrate to and adopt Cloud technologies and we make the required systems to challenge the difficulties. We do the following

  Provide various options to migrate existing infrastructure and software to the Cloud

  Automate the migration service using existing and custom tools

  Provide a self-serve mechanism for future service requests (e.g.: new server required, new software to be installed, etc.)

Cloud Management Services

Server Support and management 24*7

We monitor , manage and give end user support for your cloud servers and dedicated box to make sure your apps are live and running without any issues

Security ,Data Recovery and Optimization

We make your servers and app secure by using encryptions, end to end encryption mechanisms , Security testing by our penetration testing team and white hat hackers . We Keep identical copies of your most valuable asset and your data. No one expects data corruption or loss, but it is far less expensive to maintain a backup than to have to recreate it from scratch. We will help you to make your data backed up and restore in necessary situations

Infrastructure setup Replications

We help you to deploy cloud instances in geo located places and make replica for your data in easier way . Our Application development team will help you to make your data sync .

DNS Management and Email Solutions

We Manage your domain DNS with Cloud to avoid any kind of unavailability. Our Email Solution experts will help you to make secure your apps email delivery and control spamming and bounces. Email sending is the big head ache for now a days , but if its in hour hand we make sure your emails are reached users inbox

We manage the following cloud platforms such as

Amazon AWS

We have a set of experts who do optimized configuration and management in Amazon aws include , Ec2, S3, Route S3, RDS, SES,SNS,Load balance on windows and linux Box with application optimization . Replication and so on

Windows Azure

A Microsoft services-based operating environment (also called a cloud computing platfor m) that will let developers build and host services on Microsoft's infrastructure. Windows Azure is an open platform that support both Microsoft and non-Microsoft languages and environments

  Windows Azure for service hosting and management, low-level scalable storage, computation and networking

   Microsoft SQL Services for a wide range of database services and reporting

   Microsoft .NET Services which are service-based implementations of familiar .NET Framework concepts such as workflow and access control

  Live Services for a consistent way for users to store, share and synchronize documents, photos, files and information across their PCs, phones, PC applications and Web sites

We have good specialized team to work on Windows Azure, Azure instance management, DNS management and Integrations with Windows and Linux Box. We also do migrations from azure instances, Blob storages

Google Cloud Integration

We do management and integrations with various Google cloud apps

IBM Blue Mix

We have expert team to manage and integrate IBM Cloud and Blue Mix cloud platform

We also Manage the following Cloud Apps

   Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365) for email and internal collaboration

  Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365) for document management and workflow solutions

   Microsoft Lync Online (Office 365) for unified communications

  SalesForce.com or Microsoft Dynamics for CRM and sales solutions

  Microsoft Dynamics financial solutions

  Infrastructure support services: Network monitoring, hardware support, IT help desk, systems management

  Application support services: User assistance, help desk

Database Management

We help you to build, Design your application database with scalability and load balancing enabled . We also help you to make your data secure, back up data, restore , replicate data etc . We are experts in MSSQL, Mysql,Oracle, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS and Non SQL Data storages like Azure tables, Blobs, MongoDB etc

Our migration and support services ensure agility, security, mitigate risk, reduce costs and optimizes performance in your migration process. Our migration & implementation framework supports testing, performance management, benchmarking and complete data migration.

The trend and technologies keep evolving, constantly and lightening fast . And to keep up with this pace, is not a very easy task for the organization. Our research and innovation teams are continuously working hard to understand the market and do experiments, stay up to date with the new technologies and develop their skill set. This helps you, as our valued customer, to focus on your primary business goals, while we implement your technology ecosystem.

Our services are not limited to the above mentioned list. If you’d like to get more information on our Cloud offering, you can please write to [email protected] or [email protected] We’d be happy to connect you to our NOC Enginners

Database Management